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s world.

“Let’s deduce what the future will be like in this world.”
“Well, it has been concluded for a long time. The results of many recent deductions are the same. It is doomed to decay, despair, extraordinary decline, and the monks will die completely.”
Finally, the fine cracks at the end of deep space that flowed out the ripples of the land of truth closed, and the land of truth faded away and disappeared.
“I still have me!” the cursed beast shouted, actually being given up.
Its body was broken, and its head rolled around. It wanted to jump into the deep space, but it couldn’t escape. It was bound in the mist behind Wang Xuan.
Will the current world decay to the end, and the extraordinary people will die cleanly? Wang Xuan’s incarnation frowned deeply.
Then, he looked inwards at his condition, which was a bit serious.
Wang Xuan’s incarnation sighed, staggering slightly. Outside his body, there were several natural disasters and wonders. In addition, a long knife with black runes was inserted into his body. It never extinguished or counted, and was nailed into the earth of life Behind him, he was shaking and unsteady.
“It’s indeed very strong.” Wang Xuan’s true form arrived.
Moreover, there are two figures following him. They are both incarnations that he cultivated after his path as a disaster master came to an end while wandering in deep space, exploring the sources of disappearance.
Then, the clone he had left at the No. 1 Transcendent Source also arrived. The main body and the three major clones were studying the severely injured clone.
At this moment, the Cursed Beast’s scalp was numb. This man only sent out one incarnation just now, and his real body and the other three incarnations were not moved!
“How do you feel?” an incarnation of Wang Xuan asked.
The incarnation of Zhongdao steadied his figure. He looked at the entangled fields of natural disasters and said, “It’s not bad. I can hold on. You can study it slowly.”
As for Wang Xuan’s true body, there is no need to open his mouth to understand the status and essence of each incarnation.
An avatar nodded and said: “It’s time to take this opportunity to analyze the power of the disaster lords in the place of death and study their natural disaster areas.”
For the 36 extraordinary sources, ranging from true kings to ordinary extraordinary beings, the sense of oppression has disappeared. They know that the real place approaching the present world has retreated.
/For a moment, they were all in a daze. How could the only disaster lord in the world, Wang Deng, block that kind of power?
/Wang Xuan’s real body thought, if he cultivates a few more incarnations, all of them rise to the level of the disaster lord, and finally merge into one, will he be able to break through?
Over the years, he has been trying various methods to break the barrier, but the results are not very effective.
Wang Xuan said to himself: “Go on, if I cultivate the 6 straight shapes and 9 incarnations and still can’t break through, then I can only enter the real place.”