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wn system.

As for the encounter, fusion, separation, and extinction of different extraordinary sources during this period, as well as the various pessimistic couplings from birth to the final death of the myth, he had no idea, but he could imagine some.
Wang Xuan walked out of the highest spiritual world and came to a strange place, but there was no doubt that he was still within the scope of “Yang Jiu”.
He looked again and traced back again, and once again saw the scene of endless large umbrellas, falling into black ash and completely disappearing.
There was a huge causal connection involved, and with just a quick glance, he quickly cut it off.
/“It is true that we are still in this land. Even the Great Umbrella of Eternal Silence has decayed. It’s a bit scary. Taking history as a guide, are all of these the future corresponding to the source of ‘Yinliu’?” Wang Xuan said to himself. Looking at the past, we can see the rise and fall. Hope for the future.
/Stretch out your hand with him, and use your current extreme means to realize the black ashes that fell from the big umbrella in the past, and cover the deep sky with your boundless palm.
Soon, a little black substance appeared in his palm, which felt familiar.
He studied for a long time, frowned deeply, and said: “It has the smell of the black snow falling from the source of Yinliu. It’s not exactly the same, but it has similar qualities.”
This reminded him of his previous thoughts: Is one side destroying the Dharma and the other side reviving the Dharma? Or are both sides following the same path, with the final outcome being decay?
“What is the essence and why is it so?” Wang Xuan looked into the deep space and scanned the endless overlapping universes. If there were enemies, that would be fine. He could also engage in targeted confrontations.
But right now, everything is unknown. The former sources of “Yang Jiu” have all disappeared. I don’t know the cause. Is it natural evolution, or is it caused by the invasion of inexplicable creatures and unknown opponents?
The unknown makes people awe and uneasy, while routine and clear opponents can stimulate people’s fighting spirit.
Even Wang Xuan walked to this area and saw various so-called truths. Now he doesn’t have a clear clue. He can only look at the deep sky and be lost in thought for a long time.
“Use this as a guide to see if there is anything implicated.” Wang Xuan took action and wanted to explore the vast ocean of the universe where “Yang Jiu” is located.
In order to speed up, he once again entered the highest spiritual world, and then hit the road. Without wasting time, he hung the embodied scriptures on the bow of the boat and practiced as he traveled far.
Measured by the “spirit”, 65 years later, he really discovered something. A certain piece of the highest spiritual world caused the scriptures on the bow of the ship to glow and resonate slightly.
Wang Xuan stopped, and after searching carefully, he entered the corresponding living universe.
As soon as he set foot on it, he felt the declin