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w it up.

At the same time, Wang Xuan’s eyebrows shone, extremely sacred, and there were millions of wisps of flowing clouds. A butterfly, seemingly out of the dust, flew out from his forehead.
“Huh!?” In the distance, one of the three strangers teleported several times in succession, but he could not avoid the divine butterfly in the spiritual realm.
/He couldn’t believe it, because the other party had clearly fought against Xuan Yi, where blood exploded and broken bones flew everywhere. How could he dare to attack with his soul out of his body? Are you leaving your body empty, waiting to be destroyed?
However, in an instant, his forehead bones exploded, his head was half broken, and his soul was destroyed by the dazzling divine butterfly!
“The realm of Lu Breaker, return to the truth, the real great escape!” The single Lu Breaker Yihui reacted and realized something.
“His body is right under our noses!” Ku Rong secretly transmitted the message.
“You don’t understand.” Yihui secretly stopped his movement, but he also hesitated. His companion was killed, how could he not take action?
/Wang Xuan calmed down and went all out to kill the two masters. There were still 5 high-level strangers left. He no longer had so much sense of urgency.
“You want to do something to me too?” Wang Xuan turned to look at Ku Rong. His temperament was completely different now, like an unsheathed heavenly sword, no longer peaceful, but sharp and sharp.
After the foreigner Ku Rong, who was in the 8th level of heaven, was targeted, his hair suddenly stood up, as if he was locked by a natural disaster beast. Moreover, the other party could actually intercept his secret transmission?
He stepped back involuntarily and was shocked by a powerful aura. What surprised him especially was that the opponent’s Yuanshen Butterfly had just succeeded in attacking from a distance, so in theory it had not returned yet.
Yihui pulled him backwards, out of the danger zone, and said secretly: “That’s the ‘false self”s soul leaving the body, but it can become real in an instant.” 6 broken realms, the real great escape, Yuanshen Mengdie, whether it is true or false, can all be true in a single thought. ”
Wang Xuan looked back, intercepted it again, and said, “You know very well. I’ve always wanted to ask where you are from. It seems that you have quite a profound background and have in-depth research on realms and so on.”
Yihui didn’t respond.
The divine butterfly, flowing with billions of rays of rays of light, jumped up and turned into a rain of light, then disappeared and returned to falsehood.
And at the same place, the physical body of the foreigner whose soul was cut off also collapsed and completely disintegrated.
In fact, this is just Wang Xuan’s “spirit travel” in the realm of breaking through the six realms. If a special “body travel” is added, it can be regarded as a real great escape.
Ming Xuan was quite shocked. Wang Qingzhou suddenly became completely different. He changed his indifference and tranquility. After feeling that the three