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“This is a crocodile dragon!” She glanced at Wang Xuan. He actually downgraded such a monster to a crocodile. Student Wang was so capable.
The most important thing is that he actually beat the dragon with his fists until all the bones were broken. Although it was not dead yet, it probably wouldn’t survive.
“Is this a kind of Jiao? Impossible!” Wang Xuan looked surprised. This time, his expression did not deceive Miss Zhao. He did feel that it was a bit outrageous.
He touched the head of the pale golden creature, revealing a strange color. If it were a dragon, its whole body would be full of treasures.
Zhao Qinghan was speechless. Seeing him touching such a big crocodile dragon, it was actually very gentle, as if he was petting a dog or petting a cat!
She couldn’t help but ask: “What are you doing?”
“I’ve never even eaten crocodile meat before.” Wang Xuan’s food and clothing have been very ordinary since he was a child.
Facing Goddess Zhao, who has an extremely comfortable material life, he is very calm and has nothing to be embarrassed about. Now he is eyeing the Jiao on the ground.
“When I get back, I’ll treat you to a variety of feasts.” Goddess Zhao said, thinking of his leap in the air, her expression became particularly soft.
“If this is a dragon, it will be very nourishing to the body.” Wang Xuan was looking forward to it, because the evaluation of dragon meat was very high in various records.
He turned to look at Zhao Qinghan and said, “Can you cook?”
“What for?” Zhao Qinghan had a premonition of something, but finally nodded and said, “I just go to the kitchen occasionally and try my skills.”
“Okay, there’s no need to wait to go back, let’s roast the dragon and eat it!” Wang Xuan stared at the monster on the ground and walked around in a circle.
Zhao Qinghan felt a little unnatural and said: “I have only cooked a few things. I have never cooked barbecue for anyone, so I can only make do with it.”
“Just roast it.” Wang Xuan felt that it was better than the burnt game he ate on the Yunwu Plateau.
He did not forget about business. The most precious ones were the five soul-nourishing lotuses in the lake. To avoid any accidents, he planned to go into the water and pick them first.
“There is another crocodile dragon, be careful.” Zhao Qinghan reminded.
A golden shadow was swimming in the lake, staring at Wang Xuan with cold eyes from time to time. Seeing the fate of its companion, it did not dare to go ashore.
Wang Xuan took off his protective clothing and pulled out two or three inches of steel plates from his chest and back.
/Zhao Qinghan was dizzy when he saw this. How many pounds does this weigh?
This was not over yet. Soon, she discovered that Wang Xuan had removed some slightly thin steel plates from his arms and thighs. The defense was really tight!
At the same time, she complained, blaming her for being rude, because his whole body was covered with steel plates!
After the dismantling was completed, Wang Xuan took the dagger into the water, otherwise h