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n his face and is only connected via voice. Seven centuries ago, he was still at the peak of the world and has indeed witnessed the brilliance of the morning and evening.

He opened his mouth and said: “Chen Mu is so brave and invincible that no one in the same realm was his opponent back then. He shocked several great eras!”
The master of the Immortality Temple paused for a moment, then added: “There is even another explanation for the cause of his death. It may not be that he died in the bloody chaos of extraordinary changes, but maybe it was caused by practicing martial arts.”
“In the past, there were rumors that he had obtained the Silkworm Emperor Sutra, which involves the way of cause and effect, and he also obtained the Golden Cicada Sutra, which involves the field of destiny. They are both complete traditions left by the supreme beings. Chen Mu wanted to use the two The sutras serve as wings, allowing both twins to become the ultimate limit-breakers, and then merge into one, wanting to break into the unprecedented realm of limit-breakers!”
The words of Chang Sheng, the master of the Immortality Temple, naturally caused a huge sensation.
People have a new understanding of Chen Mu, this person is far stronger than they imagined.
“So, even if you are the ultimate limit breaker, you must be careful when encountering morning and evening, otherwise you are likely to suffer hatred!” Chang Sheng said.
In the battlefield, Wang Xuan was surprised. This Chen Mu was indeed very strong. Even though what he was sending out now was only the clay body of the Hunyuan God, not the real body, it could still be regarded as the ceiling of the same level in this world. But this Chen Mu blocked it and could fight with He exchanged blows and fought back and forth.
In the eyes of outsiders, this was an earth-shattering showdown. The two moved at extremely high speeds, crossing the sea of ??stars and sweeping across various places. Meteorites and planets would explode into dust as long as they were hit by them.
The two entangled and fought fiercely, passing through a star. In an instant, the star was quickly extinguished.
During the fierce battle, a pair of wings stretched out from Chen Mu’s back, which were extraordinarily sacred and directly illuminated the cold and dark universe!
After emerging from his cocoon and becoming a butterfly, he actually grew a pair of dazzling wings of rules.
/In the morning and evening, when the wings vibrate slightly, a dazzling light bursts out, like the line of cause and effect communicating with the line of fate, resonating and locking towards Wang Xuan.
At this moment, someone as strong as Wang Xuan frowned, sensing a more dangerous aura.
However, he remained calm because he had quite a few trump cards and could deal with them.
The fog emerged, but Wang Xuan did not disappear and was still based in the present world.
However, he triggered a piece of dead power, black light flowed, and darkness expanded. He slashed out with his right hand.
Wang Xuan himself became brighter here