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This is an endless sea, flowing with Taoist charm and exuding divine radiance. This luminous sea is vast and has no end.

After many years, he actually saw it again. It was the extraordinary sea of ??light, and it was also the sea that Fang Yuzhu, Lao Zhang, Sword Fairy Jiang Qingyao, Demon Lord and others crossed.
Wang Xuan was shocked, his heart was pounding, and he saw it here today!
On the shore, there are abundant vegetation, and there are creatures gnawing grass in the distance. There is a sheep with four horns not far away, but it looks like a mythical creature no matter how you look at it.
Wang Xuan ignored it, looked towards the sea, and screamed, someone seemed to be crossing the magnificent sea? !
On the sea, in an extremely distant place, there are black spots appearing, rising and falling with the surging tide of the extraordinary sea of ??light.
Who is fighting for the crossing?
How could Wang Xuan not be shocked when he saw this? He has extremely special feelings for this extraordinary sea of ??light, and has placed many visions on it, because a group of old friends from the mother universe left with it.
Those people never returned, never to be seen again.
After the extraordinary decay and silence of the mother universe for many years, when the myth completely ceased to exist, Wang Xuan once went to pay his respects alone in the crack in the universe where the extraordinary sea of ??light left, but unfortunately there was nothing left.
/He hoped that those people would survive and smoothly enter the extraordinary central world along the sea of ??light.
However, after so many years, even he came, but there was still no news from them or seeing those people.
Perhaps, Lao Zhang, Ming Xue, etc. are each more shrewd than the other, and they are all dormant and working hard to improve themselves. This is of course the best result.
But the extraordinary sea of ????light is too terrifying and extremely difficult to cross. How many people have truly succeeded in it throughout the ages? The truth is too cruel.
In the sea, there is a terrible Taoist rhyme, which corrodes all living beings all the time, turning them into Taoism. It is extremely terrifying!
Over time, even treasures will gradually lose their spirituality.
/One splendid extraordinary civilization after another has failed, and it’s bloody. No matter how great your abilities are, or how lucky you are, who can stay safe?
“That’s it.” Wang Xuan’s eyes were intertwined with imperial textures, and two beams of light composed of runes flew out, piercing the void and staring at the sea.
The distance is really too far. This sea is rolling in from the void and rushing in from other big universes. It is so vast and boundless that it is difficult for ordinary people to capture the truth at the end.
The spiritual eye was not hindered by the stormy waves. Wang Xuan’s gaze penetrated the terrifying Taoist charm of the sea of ????light and captured part of the real scene.
“That’s a huge head swimming in the sea?!” While he was shocked, he could n