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not far away, Wu Lindao was surprised and regretful when he saw Wang Xuan’s performance. This was a good seedling. He had seen grass vines and hourglasses in Yuanshen, but it was a pity that he missed it!

A young man with the qualifications of a true saint!
But it was too late to say anything, and even if he kept the gift of fate, he would not have time to grow. In this era, there will be a great calamity in Wujie Mountain. Disciples with unlimited potential like Kong Xuan will either be killed or kidnapped by Du Hua and change the family.
Around him, people from other dojos looked at Kong Xuan. Although they were extremely disgusted with his “bad mouth”, they had to sigh that this demon king was extraordinary and was amazing in the extraordinary field.
Even in a foreign land, this kind of person is enough to be praised.
Some people looked at him with mixed emotions. This was a young man with the potential to break the limit five times!
However, something seems to be wrong now.
Of course, some people want to find a suitable opportunity to capture him afterwards and study the truth.
In this world, there must be disciples who have broken the limit five times, but they will not be released easily, and they will all take the initiative to “hide” them.
At this time, Wu Lindao’s heart was extremely heavy. Four families had ended up before and after him. Guixu, Shiguangtian, Kujiling, and Paper Temple were all predators under the water.
Can it be killed? Wang Xuan asked him secretly.
Wu Lindao was a little hesitant. According to his thinking when he was young, shouldn’t he kill it and keep it for the New Year? Now, he is slightly silent, and he is fighting with Guixu, so he should not offend the other three families. However, if you let it go like this, you are not strong enough, and you will be misjudged by others and think Wujie Mountain is weak.
To kill or not to kill is a question. This is the difficulty faced by Wujie Mountain. If you want to exchange money with the opponent, you must be cautious. Being weak will definitely not work, but being too aggressive may lead to the Four Saints attacking Wujie Mountain together.
Wang Xuan secretly said: “I will be the bad guy. You are more generous and let them go. I will argue with them. I will not listen to your dissuasion. I will waste a hundred years of their life and prevent them from going to hell to cause trouble.”
Then he did just that.
“Wu Jie Shan is generous and allows me to let you go. However, I didn’t hear you calling me Master. Death crimes are bypassed, but living crimes are unforgivable. I will give you a light punishment.”
/The two fingers of Wang Xuan’s right hand came together, shining like a fairy sword.
At this time, many people from Wujie Mountain were present, blocking the people from several dojos. They were always on guard, fearing that they would suddenly attack Kong Xuan.
Now, even if someone wants to save him, it is too late.
The three dojos breathed a sigh of relief. They didn’t want to kill them, but let the disciples suffer some