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d a chaotic vortex appeared.

With a swipe sound, Wang Xuan walked through and returned to the real world.
He was in a trance and came back like this? More than twenty star fields, which were originally extremely far apart, are now back to the starting point with one step.
/He stood in a cave with a small courtyard in the city on the top of the Black Peacock Holy Mountain. He felt very peaceful. After removing the seal on the exit, he pushed the door open and saw the bright morning sun outside, filling the courtyard.
“Second father, you spend a long time in retreat every time. This time you briefly thought about a spiritual problem, and more than two months have passed in a flash.”
“Growing taller again.” Wang Xuan looked at him, and then asked, where is Wolverine Wu Xingtian?
/“My father saw that you were always in seclusion, and he became angry and worked hard. He closed the cave and practiced hard for more than a month. He planned to train the three colored feathers on his head into the three great bodies, and the five colored divine feathers behind him into the five elements. World, with sufficient accumulation, he will soar into the sky in the future and become a famous figure among heaven-level masters.” Lang Tian informed the situation.
Wang Xuan smiled and nodded. After thinking for a while, he cut off a large piece of meat from the silver monster fish for his father and his son. This kind of thing can replenish the essence and is a priceless item.
He did not give back the real fish because they had not yet taken the road of imperial transformation and had no use at all. Taking it now would be a waste of a rare divine item.
Wang Xuan said: “Practice well. The divine eggs, even the holy eggs, that I brought out from the divine nest with you back then have been born. I don’t know how strong they are now. There is a high probability that you will have discussions and confrontations in the near future.”
Regarding Langtian’s life experience, neither he nor Wolverine concealed it at all, and both told him the truth.
Eleven years have passed, and Langtian is already a young man. In the secret realm of time and space in the Meteor Sea, the battle at the Holy Temple has not ended yet. It is really shocking.
“I know that among my peers, I am not afraid of any opponent, and I am as confident as my second father! It’s just that my father is a little crotchless.” When Langtian finished speaking, he quickly lowered his voice, for fear that Wolverine would hear him when he came out of seclusion.
Of course, he added another sentence, saying: “My father seems to have taken a somewhat extraordinary path. He jumps like a big man from the head down, and the five elements of divine light on the tail can self-consistently close the loop, endless, if it can be accumulated deeply enough, He might be able to take the late bloomer route.”
Wang Xuan was surprised. He hadn’t seen him for two months. How could this young man know so much? !
“This is what I learned after some Tao Yun in my blood revived.” Lang Tian scratched h