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e like ‘Immortal Holy Water’, to establish a huge intelligence network throughout the interstellar federation.

David has his own intelligence organization in the Interstellar Federation, but the intelligence support of another intelligence organization will also be beneficial to his actions in the Interstellar Federation.
Especially since he has the military status of General David in the Interstellar Federation, as well as a large number of assets, he may need Baron De Ward when he needs it.
“Your Majesty, please rest first. Earl Brooks and Ambassador Cumming are on their way!” Baron Deward did not dare to sit down and chat with David. He invited David to sit down on the main seat and bowed.
After David came to the world of the Interstellar Federation, the only person he notified first was Baron Deward, and he also went directly to Baron Deward.
Baron de Ward was responsible for notifying the diplomats. David did not expect that the diplomat who came this time was an old acquaintance.
“Sit down too, don’t be too restrained!” David smiled and pointed to the seat next to him.
His impression of Baron de Ward was not bad. He was capable, resourceful, and knowledgeable.
“Thank you, Lord Duke, for the seat!” Baron De Ward seemed to have forgotten that this was his own castle, and bowed to thank him before sitting down.
“I heard that you are doing well here. I may need your help with some personal information in the future. The reward is that if you encounter trouble, you can contact me!” David said lightly.
Baron De Ward was very happy. It was very difficult for him to be in this position. He had great power in the Interstellar Federation and could almost control the life and death of many people.
But in the eyes of the nobles in the great divine world, he is still that little nobleman. A nobleman without the power of a high-level knight is not worthy of dignity.
On the Battle Star, the families behind almost all the Trial Knights are very powerful, at least much stronger than Baron De Ward. This also makes him cautious in everything he does on the Battle Star, for fear of offending others.
/If it weren’t for Baron de Ward’s success, he wouldn’t have been able to stay in this position.
Baron De Ward was very smart. He heard the underlying meaning in David’s mouth. This terrifyingly powerful Duke was sending a signal of recruitment to him.
“Your Majesty, Baron De Ward is willing to serve you!” Baron De Ward stood up and walked solemnly to David, performed a complicated etiquette, and knelt heavily in front of David.
This is a salute of allegiance, which shows the determination to surrender.
David received a salute from Baron Deward and stretched out his hand to help Baron Deward up.
“This is my heraldic card, keep it!” David took out a heraldic card with a shadow leopard crest from the space pendant and handed it to Baron De Ward and said.
Baron De Ward excitedly took over the heraldic plate, which represented the identity of Duke Arthur.
With Duke Arthur’s intimidating power, it is estimated that as lon