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you have not done anything harmful to heaven and earth and entered the Golden Book and Jade Book, , you can also refuse to fight with others. After all, this is not a family property. The original intention is to manage the immortals, punish evil and promote good. However, if your name is left on it and the spiritual traces are registered, strangers with great authority may be able to do so in the future. I can check your feet.”

Then it asked Wang Xuan if he was registered.
Wang Xuan responded calmly: “I, Kong Xuan, am used to freedom. I never want to be restrained by anyone or any force. It may have registered the information of my human clone and recorded the spiritual imprint of Lu Renjia.”
“That’s fine.” The mobile phone thought it was okay, and finally asked: “Is Kong Xuan your real root?” Naturally, it didn’t believe it.
“Of course!” Wang Xuan nodded with his hands behind his back.
At this time, the golden book and the jade book glowed and continued to roar, trying to take Wang Xuan away. Starlight circulated on the black sea, and the golden book and the jade book resonated, creating a clearer portal.
“I do want to spar with the descendants of strangers, but I’m afraid there will be problems if I go in like this.” Wang Xuan said.
The mobile phone was very calm and explained: “Don’t worry, there is nothing unusual about the Golden Book and Jade Book. I will go there with you to record the good life. In fact, it can’t detain you. You don’t need to enter the orthodox battlefield of the Golden Book and Jade Book, just compete around that area. Can bind all parties.”
Sure enough, the light of rules manifested in the Golden Book and Jade Book could not be taken away from Wang Xuan even after trying for a moment.
Later, Wang Xuan himself stepped into the mysterious portal surrounded by stars and walked over on his own initiative to face the descendants of the stranger.
Star waterfalls hang down and the moonlight is like a river. Wang Xuan walks on a quiet star road, feeling the magnificence of the universe and the beauty of the starry sky.
It was quiet here, without the hustle and bustle of the mortal world. He was the only one moving forward, and the thin white smoke was steaming on the star road, like a dream, peaceful and peaceful.
Gradually, a hazy outline appeared in the distance. It was a golden book and jade book. It was very huge and stood there. The front was connected to the real world and the back was connected to the fairy world.
Wang Xuan opened his spiritual eyes and could clearly see that in the Golden Book and Jade Book, only one page of gold paper and one page of jade paper were entities, and the other pages were constructed by rules.
/No one dares to underestimate it. Even if only one physical page of the Golden Book and Jade Book appears somewhere, it can still communicate with the original copy and mobilize boundless power.
Wang Xuan walked through the door and stood in front of the golden book and jade book. He was a little lost in thought. It could evolve the world and manage the f