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This is a large village, and the whole village is digging pits, selecting graves, and preparing for collective burial, or sleep.
“The curtain goes out and the world dies. Like our ancestors, we will fall into the cold winter and wait for rebirth in the darkness.”
Among the indigenous people, some old men are presiding over ceremonies and making various arrangements. They know that the fairy world is about to be destroyed. According to their ancestors, they are waiting for resurrection in death.
Wang Xuan thought about what Fang Yuzhu, Zhang Daoling and others said, and combined with what he saw and heard, he was also thinking about these things.
Some curtains were extinguished more than once, and the long cold winter night passed, and some finally revived, but the so-called natives were not reborn.
It can only be said that these aboriginal people and villagers are indeed seeing them off and burying them.
There are many immortals and even more natives, but it is impossible for all of them to enter the real world. The base number is too large. In addition, the cost of crossing the boundary is astonishing, and the spiritual imprint will be broken at every turn. Even the disciples of the gods are paying the price to cross the curtain.
/Wang Xuan sighed and looked up at the sky. It seemed that the sky was not so blue anymore. He felt a bit of twilight, and the atmosphere was extremely heavy and depressing.
Especially when he looked at the profound fairy world with his spiritual eyes, he felt its essence. This was indeed a corrupt world. The half-matter and half-energy plane would eventually collapse, and all living creatures in the world would die!
“It’s not easy to live.” His heart was heavy. Everything he saw now would be dim and dead in less than a year.
And every time it revives, the fairy world needs to be brewed and takes a long time, and it appears many years before the mythical creatures.
When passing by a larger town, Wang Xuan stopped. He felt a special kind of fluctuation here. The whole town was praying and offering sacrifices, and their emotions resonated.
/Then, he saw an incredible sight. Yellow paper was falling from the sky and burning. It seemed to be incomparable with the emotions of the people in the town. It was resonating, and a kind of sadness was spreading.
“Look, our prayers are effective. We are sleeping today. After endless years, we will all be reborn in the form of seeds. We may forget everything, but our life marks have been passed down. There will always be someone there when the time comes. Others will wake up and remember what they saw today.”
Among the aborigines, the old priest was extremely excited. He led the people in the village to kneel down, pray, murmured, and burst into tears.
Wang Xuan was surprised and watched from a distance.
Then, light rain began to fall from the sky and fell into the town.
“Not all villages and towns can see the burning of yellow paper. What is even rarer is that we are lucky to be watered by the spiritual rain. Our future recov