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ept the Heavenly Punishment Rune in his mind, activated the Heavenly Punishment Sword, and said with a smile: “I have lost my memory. I can’t always remember the past. I don’t know what I have experienced. This time, I am here to face Long Yuan and escort Grand Master Jiang and these people.” People return to China.”

The Tianzhu Sword exudes the majesty of heaven in his hand, and the light shines, illuminating the world in the belly of the fish.
/Tian Zhu was supposed to be the sword to kill the world, but in his hands, it contained great compassion and a mind to help the world, forming a completely different contrast!
“These people?” Jiang Qi lost his voice.
He looked at the frightened people in the world of the fish belly. Do you want to escort these mortals to China?
Under the attack of Long Yuan God, even in his heyday he may not be able to do it!
What’s more, these are just mortals, without any value, not worthy of a powerful Qi Refiner sacrificing his life for them!
Xu Ying said with a smile: “Yes, they are these people. Taishi Jiang is full of wisdom and tricks. He is a great alchemist who can surrender the divine weapon of heaven and resurrect the spiritual root of heaven and earth. There must be a way to escort them back to China. Intercept Long Yuan and leave it to us. ”
Jiang Qi was silent for a moment and said: “Senior Ah Ying, the stories I know about you may not be good stories. Maybe after knowing these stories and legends, you will regret your decision to save people today.”
Xu Ying showed a bright smile: “In those stories, I am the big devil and the big evil guy, right? I firmly believe that my heart is bright and I will not be a big evil person.”
Jiang Qi looked at the innocent and sunny smile on his face, and suddenly couldn’t bear it in his heart. He said silently: “No. The words “Eternal God” are more like a curse to you.”
He recalled what he had heard about the fate of immortal immortals. Most of them were immortal flesh and blood sold on the street, skinned and cramped teenagers, locked in cages, imprisoned, tortured, and sacrificed.
That young man experienced more loneliness, abandonment, use, and betrayal in his reincarnations, rather than light.
He has witnessed the ugliest things in the world and walked in the dirtiest places in people’s hearts.
If it were you, if you knew the truth, there would never be any light, only darkness, gloom and destruction!
Because to Xu Ying, this world is not worthy of being praised, and these people are not worthy of being saved!
But why does the young man who has experienced all this still have light in his heart?
Jiang Qi composed himself, struggled and bowed, and solemnly said: “If Senior A Ying insists on asking me to save them, I will do my best and die, and I will not dare to refuse.”
He dared to pretend to be the way of heaven, threaten the existence of all heavens and worlds, and exterminate all living things in the world. He did not have any compassion at all, but he bowed in front of Xu Ying and called himself a servant.
This was