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uite a few, but in his opinion, it was just the same thing.

Until an egg appeared and energy was injected into it, it gave off a slight golden brilliance, which surprised Fang Yuzhu and said: “Peng bird eggs are rare, but they cannot be hatched in this era, and besides, they are inherently deficient.”
Wang Xuan was moved. This fisherman is not stingy. He even released the eggs of this divine bird and holy beast. This is really hateful. Do you think he can’t resist temptation?
“You can put it away. Although it won’t hatch, you can scramble eggs with tomatoes or steam them later.” Fang Yuzhu said, with bright eyes and white teeth, but he spoke so down to earth.
Wang Xuan nodded, it made sense. Being diligent and thrifty was a good character and could not be wasted.
“That creature is restricted and is in a special energy moon ring. He can’t get out. There is no danger for the time being. You can pick it up at will.” Fang Yuzhu informed.
What’s the point? Just search and take them all away! Wang Xuan used the God-Slaying Flag and swept across it. Those near him and those above him were all put away. He was absolutely not polite.
He found that as he climbed higher, the environment had already changed. Now there was no fishing line, but only a hanging rattan ladder, green and covered with leaves, hanging from the moon not far away.
Fang Yuzhu said: “This is the Spirit Heaven Vine. If it were you yourself, without the God-Slaying Flag, it would be difficult to escape. You are destined to be picked up by the vine ladder tonight.”
Wang Xuan’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “You’ve really convinced me? Fortunately, my roommate and my best friend are gods!”
“That’s not quite right. It’s not necessarily a regular death. It’s a bit unexpected.” Fang Yuzhu looked at the blood moon above. It seemed to be very close, and the vine ladder was shaking there.
Wang Xuan thought for a while and shouted again. This shameful fisherman still paid too little. He stood here and refused to leave, shouting: “Are there any scriptures, are there any supreme scriptures, are there any heavenly medicines?” , if not, I’m leaving!”
“Hey, Zhang Jiaozu, it’s interesting. Look, there is a fisherman making a nest. Let’s go too and make him bankrupt!”
In An City, on the roof of the hotel, the Dark Blood Sect Ancestor and Zhang Daoling illegally crossed the railing and came to the rooftop, where they were drinking. The entire night view of the city could be seen.
/Zhang Daoling raised his head, took a sip of wine, and said: “Is it them? They also caught me back then. Come on, if it were them, I would smash that big red eyeball!”
Wang Xuan came, but he didn’t really get close to the blood moon. He used the God-Slaying Flag to resist, resisting the green light of the Tianvine Staircase and freezing the void.
“There are no heavenly medicines, no supreme scriptures, and no peerless treasures. You might as well chop yourself into pieces and throw them away.” He provoked simply and rudely.
Nowadays, there is no need to pay attention to