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e people behind the scenes involved in the production of this drama.”

“It looks quite miserable from the back. There are some familiar scenes. Could it be part of Fairy Fang’s experience?” Zhang Daoling was suspicious.
The ancestor of the Nether Blood Sect slandered, saying that you are Xiao Zhang, but you don’t want to hear it. These are old things that the ancestor of the sect has personally experienced, and you have only heard about them a little bit.
“Tell me something.” Zhang Daoling looked at him with an unkind look in his eyes and rubbed the bronze mirror with his hand to signal him to stop talking.
“There was once a man who opened an interior location while he was still a mortal. In that era, he was extremely brilliant.”
“That person from 2,700 years ago?” Lao Zhang asked.
Ming Xue nodded and said: “Yes, that’s him. He grew up rapidly and rose violently along the way. He was quite energetic, shining on the earth and illuminating that era.”
“I have an emotional entanglement with Fairy Fang, what happened?” Lao Zhang’s gossip started to burn.
Ning Xue said: “A little bit, that person soared into the sky and became a giant. Although he has not been practicing Taoism for a long time, he has few opponents. The other fairy had a good impression and approached many times, but was rejected. At that time, Fang Fang The fairy just stood up for the young red-clothed female demon master and killed the most powerful demon king in the ancient demon clan. She was recovering from her injuries in the dense soil without seeing anyone.”
“Is there a misunderstanding? Love gives rise to hatred, all kinds of grievances and hatreds, boundless immortal blood is splashed everywhere?” Lao Zhang asked with a strange look in his eyes.
“No, this person sat cross-legged outside the secret place where Fairy Fang retreated, helping her protect the law and blocking two incomparable enemies until she came out of seclusion.”
“What happened next?” Lao Zhang asked.
“Fairy Fang came out of seclusion and thanked him, but she still sent him out of the mountain and kept her distance.” Mingxue said.
“Fast forward to the plot where Fairy Fang and that person have to talk!” Lao Zhang urged.
“Later, it became known that that man had a powerful body and had opened a special interior location in his mortal period. They discovered his extraordinary qualities. Several powerful men joined forces to capture him and study how he distinguished himself from everyone. different.”
The Dark Blood Cult Ancestor was watching the movie while talking about that past event.
After Fang Yuzhu found out, he naturally went to the rescue and repaid the other person’s kindness.
However, she was still late, and when she arrived, she saw the red clouds rising into the sky, staining several screens red, and it was that person’s blood that reflected it.
/In that battle, Fang Yuzhu was defeated by four peerless masters, but in the end he was outnumbered and severely wounded. He had no choice but to leave and travel far away with regrets.
Zhang Daoling said: “I t