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etely exposed that incident.

“Xianfan is separated by the curtain, so what else can we do? From now on, if we don’t see each other, we will be fine.” Wang Xuan shook his head.
The immortals have no future. Some will die along with the curtain, and some will come out, which will most likely trigger the final turmoil among the immortals.
“Are you still practicing new techniques?” Wang Xuan asked.
“I have been keeping fit, off and on, but I haven’t been able to stick to it,” Zhou Kun said, but many classmates are taking this path.
Some of the people who were selected at the beginning entered the super star in deep space and wanted to continue on that path.
“Five classmates died.” Su Chan sighed. Under the dim light, she was young and beautiful, and she was a little sad.
She, Zhou Kun, Kong Yi, Li Qingzhu, Xu Wenbo and others are all the kind of people who practice if they can, and go home and inherit the family business if they fail to practice. They come from small and medium-sized chaebols.
“I have gained some motivation recently and want to become a transcendent.” Li Qingzhu said, breaking the brief sad atmosphere. She has a scholarly charm and is very quiet on weekdays.
“Let nature take its course. Even the Immortals are anxious now.” Wang Xuan said. He originally wanted to mention that the new technique was not very reliable and had some problems.
/But after thinking about it, he realized that the extraordinary world was beginning to collapse, and the new techniques would also disappear with the wind, so there was no need to say that.
Several people were speechless, are you okay with this? When you open your mouth, you are talking about immortals, and all the examples you give are making excuses for the immortals. However, when they thought about how he was fighting with the mythical creatures behind the scenes just a few days ago, they could only be lost in thought and yearning.
“I, an extraordinary person, may lose my job in the future, and I may need to rely on you for financial support.” Wang Xuan said.
“When the time comes, go to Goddess Zhao or Ling Wei and let them support you!” Su Chan dared to say anything.
Zhou Kun asked directly: “Three years from now, will mythical creatures, those ancient immortals, really appear and become mortals?”
Do they even know it? Wang Xuan was surprised. Originally, only a few people, as well as high-ranking officials from the big chaebols, were told some secrets through dreams. Now it seems that the news is spreading rapidly, and several classmates with some backgrounds have also heard about it.
Kong Yi was a bit aloof at first. As a former love rival, after letting go of everything, he now has a good relationship with Wang Xuan. He asked in a low voice: “Can gods really become mortals? Do fairies in ancient myths still exist in modern times?” Social marriage?”
Wang Xuan was quite speechless. Does the usually aloof man have such a side?
/Kong Yi saw his expression and quickly explained: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m afraid that those beautiful people in myths will