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is a matter of life and death. I don’t need to persuade you. You have to figure it out for yourself and do it decisively. It’s done. , Senior Sister will help you organize the Golden Elixir Ceremony, but if it fails, Senior Sister will personally take care of your funeral affairs.”

His words can make a woman sound as tender as water, but at the same time seem cold and distant.
/Hearing this, the sixth junior sister smiled forcefully.
“The fault is not this beast tide. I may have solved the cause and effect of Panwang Sect by now and truly stopped on the road to enlightenment. However, due to some combination of circumstances, Yuting was half a step slower, and when I got here, I He was a full step slower, and when he tried to lift his foot again, the wind and waves were already surging, and the beast tide was rising.
Every day, the waves rise and fall again. It is clear that one after another they hit my elixir and the Taoist fruit, washing away my destiny for enlightenment. After all, I am one step away from enlightenment. , I can feel that the cause and effect belonging to Panwang Sect is getting further and further away from me, and it can no longer make up for the background.
Thinking about it now, perhaps at the beginning, perhaps earlier, this fate had already been decided. Junior sister, I had already been in this beast-tide disaster. I didn’t rely on fate in everything. It is the Golden Elixir Dao Fruit. Senior sister, now is the time for me to fight for my own life. ”
At this moment, a rumbling thunder streaked across the gray sky.
Under the bright light, it was the sixth junior sister’s cheeks that had completely lost all color.
In the blink of an eye, nearly a whole month has passed.
The tide of beasts is still going on. According to the occasional conversations with Du Zhan in their free time on weekdays, including a whole month, and even longer in the future, it is just the prelude to the tide of beasts, and it is only the seventh chapter. After many years of estrangement between the Twelve Dao City and the monsters in the outer sea, it was just the most cautious test.
And after the long period of fighting, after Chu Weiyang got used to the strong smell of blood lingering in the mist of water vapor at the beginning, and walked to the top of the city to guard the healing camp every day, in Chu Weiyang’s feeling, it had almost become… I have the illusion of working every day.
The weirdest thing about it is that in his previous life, going to work was almost one of Chu Weiyang’s most annoying topics, and was regarded as the darkest part of his life.
But in this turbulent world, when the once beautiful world has completely faded away, faded and only remains in memory, such a rare and extremely regular “working” life has taught Chu Wei more than once When Yang thought about the encounters he experienced in the Demon Suppressing Cave, he unexpectedly gave Chu Weiyang a very solid feeling for no reason.
But for no reason, Chu Weiyang began to hate this feeling, and then hated a certain pa