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ens to compete with Qingqi.

Qingqiu’s hands and fingers were in ever-changing shapes, and all kinds of seals came out like rain. It seemed like there was an unparalleled giant from the sky, and all kinds of seals fell from the sky to attack Li Xiaoke!
Every attack from outside the sky was so heavy and so terrifyingly powerful, comparable to the power of the great magical powers that Li Xiaoke used to use various secrets!
“Hutian, Hutian, that’s it!”
Six secret treasures and twenty-one caves appeared behind Xu Ying. He stabilized his figure and looked up, his eyes flashing, “Qingqi’s technique is unfolding, and the world it establishes is the world in the pot. When the Yuan Shen is independent from the Hutian, it is equivalent to being outside the world. This technique is more sophisticated than Taiyin Yuan Yu Gong. Why is it the “Questioning Immortal Sutra”?”
The meaning of “Questioning Immortals Sutra” is to ask about becoming an immortal, using one’s own way to seek confirmation from the immortals on how to become an immortal.
The Hutian Wenxian Sutra is to use this technique to confirm the immortal way. It can be seen that the person who created this technique has no guarantee of becoming an immortal.
Li Xiaoke let out a long roar, and suddenly eight-sided Han swords came through the air. The sword light moved, and the sword energy filled the sky in an instant, lingering in the sky and striking Qingzhu!
He is known as the two masters of bell and sword. When the Han sword is released, the sword energy is so powerful that it is even more powerful than the bell-shaped magical power just now!
This Han sword is another treasure of Jiulong Mountain that suppresses the teachings. It has extremely strong attack power. In the hands of Li Xiaoke, its power is even more incredible!
Qingzhe activated his magical power again and again, and the sword energy in the sky disappeared.
She was about to return these magical powers to Li Xiaoke, when her face suddenly changed and her figure disappeared from the place.
/Those thousands of sword energy actually erupted from the place where she disappeared. The bright sword energy was comparable to the light of a thousand suns, engulfing the place!
/Green wrinkles appeared on the body, and there was a blood stain on the calf.
Li Xiaoke’s magic power was too strong. Just now she tried to divert the sword energy, but found that she couldn’t control it at all and almost died in the sword energy.
She hurriedly dodged, but still received a blow from the sword.
The heavenly dragon flew over and shouted: “Qingqiu, let’s put down our disputes. He has a magic weapon, but you don’t. You sacrifice me!”
Upon hearing this, Qingyu sacrificed the dragon in the sky without thinking.
The dragon disappears.
The next moment, a giant dragon poked its huge head out of the sky and squeezed into the world. In the midst of the movement, countless thunders erupted.
Tianlong roared loudly, the sound was deafening, and rushed towards Li Xiaoke.
Li Xiaoke activated the Eight-sided Han Sword, and