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t did it. If he came as a fifth-level Templar knight, he might be able to break through the defense network, but the power of blood in the energy clone would not be enough. Like passive water, use a little less, and the quantity is still very limited.

After Bloor’s fifth-level Templar’s energy clone passed a distance of five thousand meters, he could no longer go any further. The energy clone’s bloodline power was so thin that it could barely protect itself and had no energy left to move forward. Half a point.
/“Trapped!” Bloor’s fifth-level Templar in his castle said helplessly to himself.
Without any hesitation, he reported his situation to the fifth-level priests of Kailian Star.
In fact, there was no need for Bloor’s fifth-level Templar to report. The five fifth-level priests also received the report from the fourth-level priest in space and knew that the plan to enter the Lombu planet had failed.
Now, not to mention the energy clone of the fifth-level Templar to save Caxton, even the energy clone of the fifth-level Templar of Bloor may have to catch up.
The energy clone of Bloor’s fifth-level Templar, who was trapped in mid-air, saw a giant eagle flying towards him.
What made him feel strange was that the giant eagle ignored the defensive net that could trap his energy clone, and the giant eagle flew in front of him.
The fifth-level Templar of Bloor sensed the level of the giant eagle. This was just a giant eagle at the level of extraordinary creatures. No matter how weak his energy clone was, extraordinary creatures of this level could not cause any harm to the energy clone.
But soon, the fifth-level Templar of Bloor discovered something was wrong. The giant eagle kept flying around him, and the defensive net that trapped him tightened.
This forces the energy clone to increase the consumption of bloodline power to resist the defense network. At the same time, the ‘Holy Barrier’ magic is also being consumed at an accelerated rate. The ‘Holy Barrier’ magic that could have resisted for 24 hours is at this rate the most. It will dissipate in ten minutes.
“Everyone, we meet again!” Bishop McKinley smiled and bowed to the five fifth-level priests.
“Bishop McKinley, please excuse me!” Except for the fifth-level priest of Heaviside, who is also the war temple, the other five-level priests didn’t look very good, but they could only say this.
The five fifth-level priests reported the situation here to their respective temples, and the five major temples discussed it. In the end, the War Temple got the benefits and sent Bishop McKinley.
“It’s easy to say, I’m honored to be able to contribute!” Bishop McKinley said with a smile.
“There are currently two energy clones of the Templars trapped on the Lombu planet. Even if we want to rescue them, we still need to build a new portal to do so. You have experience in this matter, so please take care of it!” Hawthorne The fifth-level priest asked.
/Although Caxton’s fifth-level Templar was angry at him, Hawthorn’s fifth-level priest still hoped to save the energy clo