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h Baron Arthur to enter the Maine family’s drinking party.

He is successful and he joins the ideal top family.
The Berger family was led by the great Lord Ferdinand of the Golden Lion bloodline. After entering the family, he discovered the benefits of joining a top family.
The shortcomings of Gilbert Sky Knight’s many years of training were corrected by experienced and dedicated instructors from the Berger family who have taught Sky Knights for many years, and their training resources are even different.
The daily training resources are the best resources from the battle stars, which are almost unlimited supplies.
/As long as it is needed for the training of Gilbert Sky Knight, you can consume it as much as you want.
In terms of equipment, he received a full set of equipment made by the ‘Alchemist Master’. Although the grade did not change much from his original equipment, which included a third-level knight armor and a fourth-level epee, the quality had improved a lot, especially It was the golden lion emblem on the equipment that made him feel extremely proud.
The only thing that Gilbert Sky Knight regrets is the practice technique. The only practice techniques available to the Berger family for them to watch are advanced techniques. Advanced techniques require the Sky Knight to complete a certain amount of tasks for the family before they can choose.
The top-level skills are the most powerful skills in the divine world that are only possessed by top-level families. Especially top nobles like the Berger family have top-level skills with multiple bloodlines.
Gilbert Sky Knight saw the top skills belonging to his bloodline, but he could only see from a distance and could not touch the top skills.
The temptation of the top skills was huge. During the time he joined the Berger family, he constantly wanted to take on tasks so that he could fully integrate into the Berger family as soon as possible and finally obtain the top skills.
The opportunity finally came. The great Lord Ferdinand announced a task. The specific content of the task was not mentioned, but the reward of the task was any book of exercises in the Berger family library, and even the previous exercises. The training notes written by the knight.
Gilbert Sky Knight was moved, because among the training notes that came with the top-level exercises he wanted, there was a training note from a fifth-level Templar many years ago.
Perhaps with the top-notch skills and the training notes of that fifth-level Templar, he could hope to become a fifth-level Templar.
Gilbert Sky Knight has always believed that he is a genius. He grew up from an ordinary nobleman to become the Sky Knight today. He thought that if he were born into a great nobleman or a top nobleman, his achievements would be even higher.
He didn’t want to lose this opportunity, so he signed up for this mission without even knowing the details of the mission.
When the Berger family’s mission personnel gathered, Gilbert Sky Knight was shocked. What mission were the five Sky Knights going to