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e hovercar all the way west. He was cautious and cautious along the way, passing through one city after another and never lingering in the wild.

Since he only had to get to Yuanchi Mountain in the evening, he had plenty of time to appreciate the local customs and customs along the way.
He came out early in the morning, which was a little early in general, so he could only kill time by walking around. Sometimes when taking a short break in a city along the way, he would also study the stack of talisman papers and dig into them further.
Now, he has figured out the functions of some of the talismans, including sword talisman, fire talisman, thunder talisman, etc., as well as the rare fugue talisman.
Christine and Han Solo set out before him. After stealing the real invitation in the middle of the night yesterday, they immediately set off and took a small spaceship away.
Their spacecraft has a powerful anti-tracking system that can avoid Sky Eye surveillance. It is the latest model of the Argonne Consortium. No one knows where they have gone in a short period of time.
Yuanchi Mountain belongs to the west-central area. The natural scenery nearby is very beautiful, with dense primitive forests and cliffs. Those mountains stand up and down, surrounded by white clouds, like a fairyland.
Some areas have secluded valleys with caves and lakes dotted inside, just like a paradise.
“This place is indeed beautiful, much like the legendary residence of the immortals.” Christine exclaimed. They had arrived long ago and started climbing the main peak before the sun had set.
Yuanchi Mountain is bathed in the sunset, and the entire majestic mountain is glowing. Thousand-year-old pines stretch out of the cliff, strange rocks stand upright, vines climb, and white mist lingers. On the side of the mountain, white cranes occasionally fly over, and birds of five colors chirp, which is like a fairyland outside the world.
/As the two approached the mountain peak, they clearly felt the super-matter and immediately realized they had found the right place.
Christine has brilliant blond hair, fair skin and beautiful appearance. She is 178 tall and slim. Standing in the mountains in the sunset, she is quite stunning.
Han Solo is tall and strong, like a golden lion, with an explosive and extraordinary power hidden in his body.
“Will the extraordinary beings from the East lack goodwill towards us?”
“It doesn’t matter, what’s the worst, anyway, we are protected by a treasure that is close to a divine weapon. If there is an accident, we can escape.”
Thinking of things related to God, they felt bad. It was too much for Theo to die and be eaten by a group of oriental people and become a feast for the plutocrats!
That was the messenger of God, and he was actually reduced to food. The most important thing was that the two of them were also participants and enjoyed the “precious food”.
What makes them most ashamed and unforgivable is that they once praised it as the most wonderful and unforgettable high-end ingredient in the East!
“We must f