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than chaos can directly enter silence and become the avenue of annihilation. Show that you realize this too.

If Lord Daoji said the same thing, then there would be no need to say it.
The True Lord of Daoji did not take it seriously and said: “The seven births and seven annihilations, Hongmeng, Wuji, Taiyi, reincarnation, cause and effect, catastrophe, and killing, have each entered silence. This is used to prove the cessation of silence. Although it is not ordinary, it is still not the true silence.” Destroy.”
The Taoist Master nodded and said: “Only when the universe of our own birth is annihilated, can monks like us be able to comprehend the silence of the Tao mind. Only when the Tao mind is silent, can we understand the true meaning of the avenue of annihilation.”
He once again cut off True Lord Daoji’s words and told all the secrets of how Tao’s heart fell into silence. This was nothing more than telling True Lord Daoji that I also understand what you know, and there is no need to use these things to fool Master Zhong.
True Lord Daoji still didn’t take it seriously and said with a smile: “When the Taoist mind enters silence, it is just like fellow Taoist Xu at this moment. This level is not so easy to overcome. But in addition, annihilation also includes creation.”
As soon as he said this, Tao Zun could not answer the words and had to listen quietly.
/If someone else had said such nonsense, Taoist Master would definitely scold him loudly and scold him for talking nonsense. The Great Way of Nirvana destroys everything, so how could it create life?
But the person who said this was Daoji Zhenjun, one of the palace masters of the Dao Alliance, so he couldn’t help but refute it.
Da Zhong asked doubtfully: “Isn’t the Avenue of Nirvana the annihilation of everything? It is a strong will to die, annihilating everything, how can it create life again?”
True Monarch Daoji said: “This is the real secret of the Avenue of Annihilation. The Avenue of Annihilation seems to destroy everything, destroying all the ways of heaven and earth, and even the innate avenues such as Hongmeng and Wuji. Even the Taoist master cannot escape. . However, this is a common misunderstanding. The Avenue of Annihilation is indeed the strongest will to die, but this intention to die does not come from the Avenue of Annihilation itself, but from the universe itself.”
As soon as these words came out, Dao Zun and Dazhong couldn’t help but be stunned.
Even the Nirvana Flood Source was slightly turbulent at the moment, as if it didn’t understand the words.
Lord Daoji took out a seed and gently threw it up. When the seed fell, the earth appeared naturally in the sky, and the seed fell into the soil.
The seed took root in the soil and soon grew, blooming bright flowers in front of them.
“The birth and death of the universe, for example, this plant takes root, sprouts, grows, blooms, bears fruit, withers, withers, dies, and finally returns to dust. Death is killing, and returning to dust is annihilation.”
When Lord Daoji said this, the flower