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deep breath, I managed to calm down and asked him: “Do you often have this dream?”

deep breath, I managed to calm down and asked him: “Do you often have this dream?”
Wang Longchuan seemed to have heard my words. Suddenly I returned to reality, because I saw that the confusion and fear in his eyes disappeared without a trace. He looked at me, and all the expressions on his face just now were gone, and instead he changed to a smile that was not a smile. With a questioning look on his face, he asked: “Dream? Have you ever had such a dream?”
/I suddenly realized that he had caught me by letting the truth slip. At this time, any sign of weakness would put me at a disadvantage. Naturally, I couldn’t say that I I just dreamed of the same scene last night, so I answered him calmly: “Isn’t what you just described the scene in your dream? If you were really eaten by a mouse, then talk to me now Who is it?”
Wang Longchuan suddenly laughed and said, “When did I say that the one crawled all over by rats was me.”
I was a little surprised by his statement, and I said, “But what you just described… ”
Although I successfully concealed the truth that I had this dream, I started to become a little bit elusive about Wang Longchuan’s words. I was even a little confused about why he suddenly mentioned this. Then I heard him Said: “I have witnessed such a scene. This is what really happened. I watched with my own eyes a man in an iron cage being eaten into a skeleton by rats. In such a quiet night, you can hear clearly The sound of gnawing, the sound of flesh and blood being torn apart.”
I felt my whole body go limp, and said feebly: “It’s true…”
Wang Longchuan said: “I’m scared, right? So I’m asking you, can you understand that kind of thing?” Are you afraid?”
At this time, I didn’t know how to answer him even more, and after thinking about it briefly, I understood that I couldn’t answer him at all, because he was obviously leading me into his train of thought and deviating from it. The target I am here for today, why he killed the prison guard, and the purpose behind him.
After realizing this, I quickly brought my thoughts back to the original question. Although I really wanted to know what the dream he was talking about was about, I knew that what was more important at this time was something else. One thing, because I only have two days today and tomorrow to confirm these things with him, and I don’t have time to take care of the rest.
/I calmed myself down a little and said coldly: “So you killed the prison guard because of this?”
Wang Longchuan glanced at me, as if he was stunned for a moment because I suddenly asked this, but his expression was very subtle. , and quickly calmed down, then he lay back on the bed and said: “It seems there is nothing more to say.”
I looked at him like this, but I was not panicked, but it was not because Wang Zhexuan told me yesterday how to make him speak, but I know how to make him continue to speak. Although the sentence Wang Zhexuan gave me may be more effective, how can you know this sentence before anything is clear? Is it another trap, another careful