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obstacles in the way of talismans!”

“If what I say is false, then”
Seeing that Chu Weiyang wanted to continue talking, Yan Jianming quickly stopped him.
“That’s enough! That’s enough! I am a fellow Taoist!”
/Like blood, the setting sun disappears from the western mountains, and the afterglow falls for a short time.
Tired and tired, the bones are hoeed on the shoulders, and the birds and magpies return home late.
It was approaching dusk, and mist was rising from the sea of ??trees. Gradually, people could not tell the difference between north and south. They only felt that the night was getting darker and darker, and the darkness seemed to be swallowing up the sky and the earth.
Still wearing the slightly embarrassed attire, Chu Weiyang was carrying a basket and vaguely seemed to be heading south, towards the depths of the sea of ??trees.
He no longer held a Taoist book in his hand. On the contrary, he held a blood-red jade slip. He walked for a while and then stopped for a while. Then he put the jade slip between his eyebrows, as if he was watching and verifying something. After a while, Only then did I discern the direction and continue moving forward.
Yan Jianming, who met Dao Zuo during the day, no longer knew where he had gone, but Chu Weiyang remained silent, as if thinking about something, but his eyes became increasingly hollow.
It took a while.
The last ray of sunset disappeared into the mist, and the night fell completely.
From the basket behind Chu Weiyang, Steward Ma’s voice suddenly sounded.
“Have you really decided not to go to Daocheng? Just listen to Tingchangshan’s arrangements and go straight to the south? This is really a road to death!”
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang did not respond. Instead, he subconsciously looked at the people behind him, as if someone would step out of the dark shadows at the next moment and look at Chu Weiyang with a smile.
But Yan Jianming was never seen again.
Manager Ma’s voice also sounded again.
“Don’t look at it. After the man made an agreement with you, he just followed you quietly for a while and then left straight away.”
“He only thinks he has mastered the cultivation level at the peak of the Qi refining stage, so he treats you and me as nothing!”
“But I don’t know the mystery and mystery of the Sword Sect’s secret method!”
“Having mastered the sword’s intention, in terms of exploration and induction, it has many thoughts and ideas with the same level of consciousness!”
At this time, Manager Ma saw Chu Weiyang’s searching gaze, and the manager instead grinned.
“Don’t even think about learning such a secret technique of sword intention. Without the “Five Zangs and Food and Qi Essence Technique”, you should also know that you have no talent in swordsmanship. You dare to use this to make a curse. How can you still do it? Do you think you can learn the secret method of sword intention? With my sect’s sword intention in your hands, it’s already pretty good if you can kill people!”
“The simplest way is to circulate the sword intention, wrap it with spir