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and Lord Wu Chen Dao will naturally help you to keep you safe.”

Suddenly, Zhuo Daochun looked at the other three immortal palaces, raised his eyebrows, and said: “The True King, as well as other Dao Lords, also sent people here.”
King Daoji Zhen looked at the three immortal palaces and couldn’t help but be stunned. I saw a large boat parked in front of each of the three immortal temples, but there was no one on the boat.
/“It seems that the other three Dao Lords are also obsessed with Tianjing Ruins. They have already taken a step ahead of us and sent people here.”
Daoji True King raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “Everyone, we have to hurry up.”
Xu Ying’s eyes flashed. The four immortal palaces here should correspond to the four Dao Lords on the other side. The other three Dao Lords also sent people here. This is worth pondering.
“King Zhen, the other three Dao Lords have also sent people here. What are they doing?” Xu Ying asked.
Hearing his voice, Wu Chen Daojun suddenly looked at him with eyes as bright as lightning.
Xu Ying had a sudden thought in his heart: “When the Buddha sent me back to the Three Realms, I wonder if the sorcerer Taoist Master noticed me in that ascending ray of light.”
He suddenly discovered that he seemed to be recognized by many people on the other side, and they were all giants.
Wu Chen Daojun said: “You are somewhat familiar with it.”
Wu Chen Daojun stopped looking at him and continued to look at Tianjing Ruins.
King Daoji Zhen smiled and said: “If Taiyi Dao Lord can send people, the other three Dao Lords can naturally send people here. There is nothing fishy in this. Don’t make blind guesses. Go quickly.”
Everyone flew out of the Immortal Palace and flew downwards.
Daoji Zhenwang’s eyes fell on Xu Ying and said with a smile: “Brother Xu, you are a disciple of Lord Dao. Lord Dao has not even told you, how can you tell me? Hurry up and get down.”
Xu Ying had no choice but to fly away, thinking: “The four Dao Lords from the other side have sent people to come, and the Taiyi Dao Lord will come in person, so what happened in Tianjing Ruins must be no small matter! Maybe the other three Dao Lords will come here in person. He will also come in person. This is definitely not a good place! A gentleman would rather not stand behind a dangerous wall, so it is better to leave as soon as possible!”
In front of the Immortal Palace, the sorcerer Taoist Master suddenly said: “I remember him. When we were harvesting in the Immortal Realm that day, he held a sharp sword with the Taoist aura and pierced the center of my eyebrows.”
Daoji Zhenwang smiled and said: “It is indeed him. I came with the help of the dragon clan’s soul. When I was harvesting everywhere, I was killed by him with a sword, but I failed to achieve the full success.”
Wu Chen Daojun said: “He actually dared to come to the other side and thought we didn’t recognize him.”
Daoji Zhenwang couldn’t help but laugh: “Reaping the Immortal Realm, he killed hundreds of immortal soul incarnations, and he still naively th