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d sir at all. Instead, he should use the honorific title Baron or Lord.

David ignored the steward and left it to steward Jason to talk about it.
“I am Jason, the steward of Baron Arthur. The Black Rock Mining Area has been taken over by my master. This time I came here to ask about miners-related matters!” Steward Jason stepped forward and said.
/“It turns out that the Carney family has transferred the Black Rock Mining Area to you. If you want miners, you can. One hundred miners will receive one percent of the minerals in the mining area, and the minerals you produce need to be sold uniformly by the Mining Alliance!” the manager replied calmly. .
Viscount Harvey had already stated that the Black Rock Mining Area had a new owner. If the other party’s status was not high, then the Mining Alliance would take advantage.
Viscount Harvey is the nobleman with the most minerals in the entire Boyo Star. Forty percent of the minerals are his, which his ancestors have slowly accumulated.
He is different from his ancestors, who all made money by operating mining areas, but he has established a mining alliance and is preparing to take the entire Boyo Star into his hands.
By controlling the indigenous miners who had special mining environments, he successfully integrated most of the mining areas on Boyo Star.
In the past, the Carney family was too powerful, and Viscount Harvey could only lease indigenous miners to the Carney family at very cheap prices.
But after hearing that the Carney family was going to transfer the mining area in their hands, Viscount Harvey was still very happy. The departure of the Carney family made it easier for him to control Boyo Star.
When Jason heard the conditions mentioned by the steward, he was unable to maintain his long-term cultivation for a while, and his face was full of surprise.
Even David, who was standing aside and listening, couldn’t help but look at the steward twice, wanting to see where the steward had the confidence to put forward such a condition.
“Steward Jason, let’s go!” David was not interested in talking to a steward, he said in a deep voice.
“Baron Arthur, please walk slowly. All the miners in Boyo Star belong to our Mining Alliance. If you want to mine in Boyo Star, you must abide by the rules of the Mining Alliance!” When the steward saw that David was leaving, he said calmly. said.
“Slap!” David didn’t look back, he just said coldly.
The figure of Knight Mark on the side flashed in front of the steward, and slapped the steward on the face with his backhand. Of course, he did not use any of the power of the Sky Knight in this slap, it was just a very ordinary slap, otherwise the steward’s head would have been damaged by this slap. To be blown up.
/Even so, half of the steward’s face was swollen.
“Hitting someone, beating someone!” the steward shouted, covering his face.
“Who dares to make trouble here!” A formal knight came out from behind and shouted loudly.
Mark Knight will not use any strength to deal with ordinary people, but it is different when the offi