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any thousands of years have passed since the Demon Clan Immortal Court. The Demon Clan Immortal Court no longer exists. Why are you fighting life and death? I will give you freedom.”

His words seemed to have great magic power. As soon as he said these words, the obsessions that had been entangled for countless thousands of years collapsed one after another. The skeletons and demon immortal corpses relaxed, and the two demon clan immortal generals in gold and silver armor also showed signs of relief. color.
One after another, the skeletons suddenly collapsed and shattered, turning into powder. They were then melted away by the sun, and the skeletons of the giant beasts also fell down and shattered!
The incomplete magic weapons and buildings and ships were ignited by the sun’s divine fire and turned into ashes, leaving only chains.
/At the end of the chain is a golden coffin. This golden coffin is the Golden Cabinet of the Sun. It is like a cabinet used to seal the Demon King and a group of rebellious ancient monsters.
The only thing in the field that was not broken was the skeleton of the Demon King.
The Demon King was resurrected from the dead, and his soul was reorganized with the resurrection of the Great Way of Heaven and Earth. If he lived another life, he would naturally not die as his obsession dissipated.
It’s just that he doesn’t have a physical body, only his soul.
“Is the Demon Clan’s Immortal Court also destroyed?”
The Demon Emperor Yuanshen still knelt down on one knee, with a sad look on his face, and said in a low voice, “Then what was the point of fighting to the death when I fought back then?”
His voice was filled with confusion.
Back then, he fought against the unfair treatment of the race and was suppressed in the Sun Golden Cabinet. This time he came back from the dead, only to find that the heaven and earth had changed dramatically, and the avenues of heaven and earth had changed. The fairy court of the past no longer existed, and the grievances of the past were completely wiped out.
My persistence and persistence have all turned into a dream.
Suddenly, the demon emperor’s soul pulled the chain, raised the sun cabinet high, and landed next to Jin Buyi. Xian Qi was startled, and offered the Vajra Diamond, the big bell shook, and the insect mother made a threatening gesture. action.
If the Demon Emperor Yuanshen dares to harm Jin Buji, they will take action immediately, even if they are not their opponents, they will give it a try!
The demon emperor’s spirit held the golden cabinet of the sun high, bowed down again, and said with tears: “The demon emperor Jinghong, pays homage to His Highness the Emperor. From now on, His Royal Highness the Emperor is the Lord of Jinghong, and Jinghong swears allegiance to him to the death. Assist the emperor and restore the glory of the demon clan!”
Jin Buyi was a little stunned, how could he become the Emperor’s Highness?
“Return to the glory of the demon clan?”
Hearing this, Xian Qi couldn’t help but trembled, and said in a trembling v