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of the Other Side. He can transform at will, and his cultivation is extremely powerful. This person has entered the earthly immortal world, looking for the rule of the earthly immortal world. He is trying to control the power of the Earthly Immortal Realm. In addition, his other purpose is to break the seal of the Ancestral God.”

Yuan Weiyang couldn’t help but frown slightly. The seal of the Ancestral God was to prevent the ascension. His seal was extremely vast and enveloped the entire earthly immortal world. Such a huge seal is certainly not strong enough, and it is not unusual for it to be broken by the dragon elder.
The fool Ah Fu asked: “What about Xu Ying?”
The fool Ah Fu had nothing to do, Yuan Weiyang smiled and said: “But I can recommend one person. Master Long, Master Zhong, Xiao Bai, you go find that elder Long Dai!”
As soon as she finished speaking, she saw a big dragon with a short stature walking towards him, with majestic equipment and a ridiculous posture. He was the distant ancestor of the dragon clan.
The big bell next to it is covered with immortal aura, and the aura flowing on the wall of the bell is printed with various Taoist and magical powers.
Then, another young man was seen approaching, with a pair of short dragon horns on his head.
The distant ancestor Dalong said: “What kind of work will Yuan Yatou assign us?”
Yuan Weiyang talked about Elder Long Dai’s affairs and said: “Elder Long Dai belongs to the Dragon Clan after all, so it is most appropriate for you to go.”
The young man named Xiaobai was none other than Bi Yanhai, the Prime Minister of Longting Tian. His memory was unsealed and he refined his physical body. These days, the cultivation strength is gradually recovering.
Bi Yanhai said: “Distant ancestor, since Elder Long Dai is a dragon clan in the immortal world, we have no shirk of responsibility.”
Dalong said: “These beasts don’t recognize me as their ancestor, and they went to worship the ancient gods on the other side. They threw away all the inheritance of the Dragon Clan. How can they be called the Dragon Clan? They are the aliens from the other side wearing the skin of the Dragon Clan!”
Even so, he still walked with Bi Yanhai and took the big bell to find Elder Long Dai.
The fool Ah Fu was about to leave, but accidentally peeked at the text pattern on the green rock. After a while, he said: “Miss Yuan is trying to decipher the skills on the stone? This skill should be the method of the other side.”
Yuan Weiyang was surprised: “Do you recognize it?”
The fool Ah Fu said: “Elder Long Dai taught me some knowledge.”
/Yuan Weiyang’s eyes lit up and he said with a smile: “The technique on the green rock is the technique of the Immortal Realm. It was transmitted from outside the territory by Lord Xuhuang Daojun. It should be for us to spread this technique so that we can have the strength and power. Confrontation between the strong men on the other side.”
The fool Ah Fu was shocked: “Immortal realm technique? Isn’t this even more powerful than my Tianbao Daolun True