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Cuiyan Avenue is too weird, Cuiyan’s magical power is extremely domineering.
Obviously, Xu Ying replaced all his Taoist methods with rational structures, eliminated the Taoist system and rune system, and raised his combat power to a higher level!
He found out the fatal weakness of the Immortal Emperor and used his Huan state to fight against the Immortal Emperor. He was bound to kill the Immortal Emperor under his palm!
At this time, everyone suddenly noticed a strange rhythm. It was vast, vigorous, continuous, endless, and even rivaled the Cuiyan Avenue.
The timing of this fluctuation was extremely clever, just when Xu Yingshuan was transforming and improving his Cuiyan Avenue to the extreme.
Demon Ancestor climbed up and looked into the distance, his face gradually becoming serious.
Empress Ziwei also followed this feeling and looked around. After a while, he shook his head and said, “The situation is over.”
On the other side of the abyss, there were also powerful figures looking in the same direction from a distance. Suddenly the voice of the Supreme Creation came: “Ming Zun can stand for more than half a million years and not fall. He is indeed capable.”
Another deep voice said, “Who would have thought that a humble little guy back then could have such a plan. Now, he can keep pace with us.”
/Another old voice said: “He can do it, there is a place for him.”
In the direction they were looking, a Taoist temple was flying in the sky. An extremely ancient Taoist tree in the Taoist temple was lush and radiant.
The roots of the Tao tree connect to the vast land of the Earthly Immortal Realm, run through the infinite earth veins, absorb the water of the rivers, and connect the power of the Tao.
It is the spiritual root of the earthly immortal world and the treasure tree of the ancestor of the earthly immortals.
If the Earthly Immortal Realm is an immortal, then his Dao tree is this treasure tree!
Ginseng fruit tree!
The Wuzhuang Temple is flying over, and the power of the Dao in the entire earthly immortal world is gathering in the Wuzhuang Temple to fight against Huan Hua who is oppressing Xu Ying!
Originally, with the Immortal Emperor’s supreme cultivation strength, it was difficult to refine the ginseng fruit tree, but now he has an opportunity to use the ginseng fruit tree to fight against Xu Ying, refine the fruit tree, and master this tree!
Not only can he control the fruit trees in one fell swoop, he can also suppress Xu Ying!
In the abyss of the sky, Xu Ying suddenly encountered great pressure. He groaned and blood bleeded from the corner of his mouth. The power of the heaven and earth spiritual roots in the earthly immortal world kept crushing him, making it difficult for him to compete with it!
His body made a rattling sound, and his body and soul gradually recovered under the pressure of the ginseng fruit tree!
Opposite him, the Supreme Immortal Emperor floated up, landed in the Wuzhuang Temple, and stepped under the ginseng fruit tree. He placed his palms on the ginseng fruit