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oks a bit like the rumored Yingzhou!”

Suddenly, an immortal recognized this place and exclaimed, “Fifty thousand years ago, the traitor Xu Yinggui was the leader of the Three Realms of Doubu and occupied Yingzhou Cave Abyss. After that, Yingzhou disappeared!”
The immortal next to him hurriedly said, “Since you recognize it, why are you shouting loudly? We have refined Yingzhou Dongyuan, and there is hope for us to become an Immortal Lord!”
Those immortals were sneaking around, looking around, and found Xu Ying nearby, obviously hearing what they said. The immortals looked at each other, and one of them wiped his neck with his hand. They all had a clear understanding and walked towards Xu Ying in silence.
Suddenly, one of them turned pale when he saw Xu Ying’s face, turned around and left.
Seeing this, the others hesitated for a moment, followed each other, and asked: “Brother Zhang, what’s wrong?”
/The immortal looked gloomy and whispered, “It is not suitable to stay here for a long time. We will leave immediately and return to the immortal world!”
Those few people had a cold war and were about to leave when suddenly Xu Ying’s voice came from behind them and said politely: “Fellow Taoists, stay here.”
The bodies of those people were stiff and they stood still, not daring to move.
The immortal who had just recognized Xu Ying turned around with a smile on his face and said with an apologetic smile: “What does this brother have to say?”
Xu Ying looked kind and said, “Do you recognize me?”
The immortals shook their heads in unison and said, “We definitely didn’t recognize you!”
/“I have been blind since I was a child. Don’t slander people for nothing!”
Xu Ying nodded lightly and said with a smile: “You just said this place is Yingzhou, which shows that you have some knowledge. Do you know the origin of Yingzhou?”
Those immortals were surprised, but they said honestly: “I heard that Yingzhou is the Cave Abyss of the Three Realms of Doubu, which can help people cultivate to become Immortal Lords. After Mr. Xu Tianzun was promoted to the head of the Three Realms of Doubu, he took charge of this place. A hole in the abyss.”
Several people looked at each other, and an immortal summoned up the courage to say: “There are rumors in the immortal world that the Yingzhou Cave Abyss is not complete. It was damaged by someone, and two parts are missing. If the two missing parts can be found, Yingzhou can be promoted to Tianjun Dongyuan.”
Another immortal said: “Some people suspect that the two immortal mountains Penglai and Fangzhang that Xu Laotianzun took away were the two missing parts of Yingzhou.”
Xu Ying was surprised and said silently in his heart: “It seems that King Dong didn’t tell the truth about something.”
He waved his hand, and the immortals immediately rose into the sky and followed the cracks in the sky back to the fairyland as if they had been granted amnesty.
“The King of the East only said that Yingzhou is not inferior to Tianjun Dongyuan, but he did not tell me that