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from all tribes of the demon tribe are still coming like a tide, and their numbers are getting larger and larger.

After countless years of suffering, the demon clan has become poor and weak, and the people are also longing for a powerful demon emperor who can end the chaos of the demon clan, unify the demon clan, and end the fate of being oppressed by the fairy world.
On the ancient fusang tree, Demon Ancestor walked out of the tree hole and looked at the people who were getting closer and closer.
He had been waiting for this day for a long time, and he couldn’t help but feel a little excited, and his Taoist heart was slightly rippled.
At that time, the ten emperors of the demon clan set the Immortal Court in the ancient Fusang tree. As the demon ancestor, he protected all living beings of the demon clan. What a glorious history is that?
When the demon clan declined, he also fought for the demon clan. In the end, in order to save the ancestor god, he was beaten to death. Now there are only some stumps hidden in the ground to preserve some of his vitality.
He knew how to lurk and hide, and he did not reveal this part of his strength in the battle of the ancestral court. He has been wasting his time now, allowing the fairy world to bully the demon clan, allowing the power within the clan to be dispersed, and he only retains the reputation of the demon ancestor.
Just now, he wanted to crown Jin Buyi and publicly announce that Jin Buyi had ascended the throne and proclaimed himself emperor. But he had to wait a little longer. This was a little thought of the old man. When Jin Buyi was anxious and when the voice began to fade, he would show up again and crown Jin Buyi.
In this way, Jin Buyi and Xu Ying, the mastermind behind the scenes, can know that he is the person with the highest status in the demon clan.
But Xu Ying seemed to see through this little thought.
Xu Ying didn’t have the chance to be reserved or pretentious with him, so he ordered everyone to come to force him to the throne. But this force to force him to the throne also gave him a lot of face. After all, Jin Buyi did not proclaim himself emperor directly, but waited for him to be crowned.
“Xu Ying acted too domineeringly.”
Demon Ancestor looked at the crowd of demons getting closer and closer, and his heart was agitated. He put aside Xu Ying’s little plan, and slowly walked to the high platform, only to hear the cheers getting louder and more urgent.
Walking at the front were the emperor’s sons Jin Daoli, Jin Yiqi and Jin Lan, followed by the three demon kings Han, Kun and Feng, followed by the elders and leaders of the various clans, and then the famous demon clan figures, Qiang Qiang. Behind them are the people of all ethnic groups, their numbers are extremely large, and they are overwhelming.
/Demon Ancestor raised his hand in vain, Jin Buyi couldn’t help himself, flew up from An Qi’s head and landed in front of Demon Ancestor.
Jin Buyi took advantage of the situation and knelt down.
“Jin Buyi has a kind nature, perseverance and generosi