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clouds, searching around, and suddenly noticed that on a vast plain below, five fairy mountains were floating, shaped like the Five Sacred Mountains.

Beneath the Fairy Mountain is a land-based kingdom of gods. All the people in the country worship the gods who live on the Five Mountains Fairy Mountain. They must attend to the gods, worship the gods, and offer incense every morning.
Before going to bed at night, you must burn incense and worship God.
Especially on major festivals, it is like a grand event, with incense flowing like pillars to the Five Sacred Mountains!
Those five fairy mountains are filled with incense and filled with divine power, just like the vast ocean. Each of the five fairy mountains has a god with monstrous magic power, amazing combat power, and even affects the celestial phenomena!
Seeing this scene, God King Xuankong flew there directly. His consciousness fluctuated and turned into a loud voice: “God King Xuantian, do you still remember our old friend?”
The five gods stood up one after another, raised their heads in surprise, and looked at the sky. At this time, there was a temple on the Xinyue Immortal Mountain. A person walked out of the temple and said with a smile: “It turns out to be God King Xuankong. I haven’t seen you for tens of thousands of years, how come you have time to come to me?”
/Xuan Kong appeared from the sky, his figure gradually shrunk, and he came to the temple like an ordinary person, met with God King Xuantian, and said: “Ashamed. Does God King still remember the promise he made back then? A few days ago, Xu Ying made a comeback, went to my Sumeru Mountain, and stole my Water and Fire Mixing Heaven Cauldron. I thought that you were assigned to his Five Mountains Immortal Mountain, and he would probably come to you and take back the Immortal Mountain, so I came to inform you. you.”
/God King Xuantian was moved: “Then Xu Ying actually made a comeback?”
Xuankong said: “Isn’t that true? Although Xu Ying’s strength is not as good as before, he is very clever. However, the superiors ignored him and allowed him to grow like a weed. It is extremely weird.”
Divine King Xuantian quickly thanked me and said: “To be honest, I have managed the Four Wilderness Worlds these years. Although it is not as good as your Taishi Great World, I can still manage it well. All sentient beings offer my incense, and I will refine it into the incarnation of the Five Elements. . The five fairy mountains have also been refined by me to make them as big and small as I want, sending and receiving them with one heart. It is not easy for Xu Ying to take them away. ”
He told Xu Ying about the situation of seizing the Water and Fire Huntian Cauldron. King Xuantian was stunned. After a moment, he said: “To be honest, although I have been seized by the new gods, I still have someone to protect me in the immortal world. That existence Tell me to operate here and try to make a comeback.”
Xuan Kong’s heart moved slightly and he said: “I also have someone in the immortal world. You and I might as well