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A guest sitting near David said softly to himself.

It is estimated that this is a person who does not have enough credit points and was kicked out early.
Once lifespan is involved, even if there is only a slight possibility, these elites will lose their usual wisdom.
Especially for the elderly here, wealth is enough for them. It is worth spending more to exchange wealth for longevity and youth.
David wanted to calculate the value of his 450 bottles of ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’, but based on the current value of these half bottles, the ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’ in his box was worth 9 billion credits.
Thinking of the number 9 billion, David felt dizzy again.
However, his reason told him that as long as he dared to leak any information about the ‘Holy Water of Immortality’, what awaited him would be an endless pursuit.
Before he knew the value of 450 bottles of ‘Holy Water of Agelessness’, although he had paid special attention to the value of the test tubes in the box, he never thought that it would have such an astonishing value.
If the organization loses such a huge amount of wealth, you don’t need to think about what the consequences will be. The organization will never give up.
Think about the trainer Jeremy who was killed by David. He was just the leader of a small town, but he withstood his sniper attack just by relying on his body. If it weren’t for luck, he would have been killed on the spot.
Trainer Jeremy is dead, so the person sent by the organization again will naturally be more powerful than Trainer Jeremy.
David thought about the triggered security system, and he understood that the crisis was in Perrin City.
The final auction price reached a sky-high price of 22.1 million credits, and David was too lazy to calculate the difference in price for 450 bottles.
/When they returned, the Titan Consortium still sent a hover car to take them to the airport, but this time the hover car sent was one step higher than before, which showed how much the Titan Consortium valued David.
I felt once again soaring into the sky and diving downward. On the high-altitude cruiser, no one mentioned the box.
After arriving in Peilan City and getting on the hover car, the few of them could no longer hold back.
/“David, take out the second-grade spear and take a look!” Myron said anxiously.
David smiled and did not refuse. This time it was also thanks to Myron. If he hadn’t had such a good opportunity to obtain a second-grade spear.
He opened the long box and handed it into Myron’s hands.
“Look at this color, this light, it’s so beautiful!” Myron took out a cylinder and rubbed it with his hands, looking like he was looking at his lover, which made David shudder beside him.
Jim, Daley, and DeQuincey were not polite, and each took a section of the cylinder and looked at it carefully.
It’s not that there are no second-grade weapons in Perrin City, but even the second generation like them don’t have the opportunity to hold the second-grade weapons in their hands and play with them carefully.
“Myron, don’t take o