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worry about it anymore.

But the way Emperor Zhou overcame the calamity made him stop and look shocked.
“Ji Man, I originally thought that your magnanimity, magnanimity, and wisdom were inferior to those of Zu Long, but I didn’t expect that you still surprised me.” Xu Ying whispered.
Emperor Zhou has ambitions, means, determination and perseverance, and dares to take risks!
On Jiuyi Mountain, the fool Ah Fu was quite surprised when he looked at this scene from a distance. However, what surprised him was not that Emperor Zhou used the tribulation to temper himself and undergo human transformation, but that he was surprised by another thing.
“You originally had a 60% chance of winning, but now you have a 70% chance of winning. I originally had a 100% chance of winning, but in the end it was not even 10%. Is luck also a kind of strength?”
He lay down on his back, feeling a little unwilling.
When the owner of Niwan Palace and other fishermen saw that Xu Ying had reduced 70% of the power of the Heavenly Tribulation, they knew that there was no chance of harvesting Haojing this time. They were about to leave one after another when they suddenly noticed the situation of Emperor Zhou overcoming the Tribulation, and their hearts moved.
/“Emperor Zhou really had great ideas in overcoming the tribulation and thought of things that no one else had thought of. However, this move also caused a heavy blow to himself and gave us a chance.”
The master of Niwan Palace and others stopped and continued to look around.
The sickles have been sharpened and are waiting to be harvested.
Zhou Tianzi is an ownerless thing. It belongs to leeks in the wild and is not planted by anyone. Therefore, both fishermen and leeks can harvest it.
/They were hiding in the dark, staring at Hao Jing, always waiting to take action.
However, as the sky thunder continued to fall, Zhou Tianzi’s cultivation strength actually advanced instead of retreating. The sky thunder struck his Tianling Cap, exploded in his body, and exploded in his Xiyi Domain. Logically speaking, it would make him more injured.
But the thunder struck down, and its power burst out in his body, actually refining a lot of the elixir in his body. The power of the elixir surged from all directions, nourishing his body, soul, vitality, consciousness, strength, and yin and yang.
At the same time, Tianlei’s tempering of the physical body, soul, vitality, consciousness, strength and yin and yang Qi has continuously improved his strength and cultivation!
“The Zhou Emperor’s method of overcoming tribulation is an ancient method.”
The master of Niwan Palace saw this, turned around and left quietly. For a top master whose cultivation strength was constantly improving by leaps and bounds in the catastrophe, plotting against him was definitely not a correct decision.
“Behind Emperor Zhou, there must be an ancient inheritance. Someone told him that this is the real way to overcome the tribulation and temper.”
He said silently in his heart, “Although I also know this method, I don’t have a