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will never wake up again after falling asleep. It has been fighting for me all its life.”

Xian Qi looked back and saw the old Golden Crow in the firelight as if he was crying.
Xu Ying took Gong Qi and followed Shi Yuqing’s team. He looked into the distance and said, “Master Qi, I’m going to Kunlun. Before going to Kunlun, I want to enter the underworld again to find the man called Po Meng. A man from Dongyue. He also has a Golden Crow, maybe I can get some ways from him to keep Lord Jin alive.”
An Qi became energetic and said: “Ah Ying, when we went to Taichu World to look for you, we met Dongyue. He seemed to recognize Lord Jin.”
Xu Ying looked back at the fusang tree that was getting farther and farther away. There was a cloud of sunset on the tree, and the three-legged golden crow spread its wings in the sunset, like a totem in the ancient times.
“Even if I can’t find any useful clues from Dongyue, I still have a way.”
He withdrew his gaze and said in a firm tone, “Master Jin has taken the elixir of immortality. I will find a fairy mountain for him so that he can survive like Xu Fu and Wu Tianzun! If there is a chance, send it to the fairy world and let it ascend. !”
Suddenly, the female fairy held up the bright moon wheel, like a bright moon. Under the light, it was all her sword energy and all her moves!
Xu Ying’s figure flashed, like an extremely bright sword light, meeting the bright moon wheel and passing through it!
The battlefield of thoughts shook violently and suddenly shattered.
Xu Ying opened his eyes and came to the next stone wall, the stone wall of the first ancestor.
At that time, the first founder discovered the secret of swordsmanship and sat under the stone wall to comprehend it. Decades later, he realized the unbreakable principles of swordsmanship and founded the Shushan Sword Sect!
For tens of thousands of years, no one has fully learned or mastered his swordsmanship.
Now, someone finally came to the stone wall of swordsmanship he left behind, but not to learn his swordsmanship, but to learn his swordsmanship.
The moment Xu Ying’s consciousness lightly touched the consciousness in the stone wall, a battlefield in his consciousness slowly spread out, and he saw a young man in simple clothes.
There is only one long sword on the young man’s waist. The sword is thin, seven feet long, and the tip is like a drop of water.
At that time, the Immortal Sword Si Wuxie was just an ordinary iron sword.
The first patriarch smiled, raised his finger, and the iron sword Si Wuxie flew up from the scabbard and stabbed Xu Ying.
His consciousness is pure, without any distracting thoughts, extremely pure, like a mirror.
Any thoughts in Xu Ying’s consciousness and any moves he prepared to perform were reflected in the mirror and appeared in his consciousness.
/This is the origin of the Immortal Sword Si Wuxie. Only innocent people can practice the swordsmanship of the first ancestor and understand his swordsmanship.
However, there is only one innocent person in this world, and that is himself,