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ne, chatting and talking about things, and they will soon look like good sisters.

Liu Changan didn’t know what Li Hongfang’s mental journey was like from failing to catch a rapist to trying to have plastic surgery. He walked along the safety stairs to the target floor.
Looking at the numerous company names on the floor signs, Liu Changan remembered the Baolong Center next door, where Zhu Juntang occupied the fourth floor. He thought that if Su Mei grounded Zhu Juntang in the future, she should be given a single room to be locked up, which is called grounding.
She can move freely within the four floors of a skyscraper. What kind of confinement is this? What she said was grounded, but now there are ten or twenty office workers from companies on this floor, wouldn’t that mean they were jailed?
What surprised Liu Changan was that he saw an area being renovated, and the copywriting on the blocking cloth turned out to be about the DSB team.
/In other words, the DSB team will have a professional e-sports base instead of continuing to stay in the Internet cafe. Liu Changan remembers that last year, Professor Liu and Professor Ling had a so-called crazy night after they became young girls. They stayed in the Internet cafe all night, and then got mixed with smoke. The stench of betel nut returns.
The Internet cafe they went to was the former training base of the DSB team.
It seems that after officially entering the LPL, the team has received a lot of financial support. Although the new teams that enter the LPL every year are often small and transparent because they have no accumulation of popularity, but it is the LPL after all, and a league seat can be sold for a lot of money. Some investments are actually normal.
I hope Lin Xinhuai can achieve good results. Liu Changan doesn’t pay much attention to the game league, but in an environment with a strong gaming atmosphere, he is always exposed to a lot of relevant information on a daily basis. It is said that in the LPL spring game that has already started, Lin Xinhuai’s performance Very prominent.
After Liu Changan stopped and looked at it, he walked to the other end of the floor. The training class for pregnant women was affiliated with a high-end service company. It was introduced that it could provide services ranging from presidential and parliamentary elections in large and small countries, African nation-building, arms trade, island construction and purchase, and more. To private residence maintenance, family education and other services.
The walls were also hung with dignitaries, dignitaries, rich people, etc. from various countries that the company had served. One night scene caught Liu Changan’s attention. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a photo of a group of black people and a white-skinned company executive.
“Awesome.” Liu Changan thought for a while and praised the other company’s strong business capabilities.
Arriving at the lounge of the pregnant women’s training class, the students and their companions were introducing themselves. After a