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eproduce than alien beasts, and it also has the wisdom forced out of desperate situations.

Humans chose to improve their bloodline. They sent handsome men and beautiful women to capture the hearts of some alien beasts, and then combined these alien beasts with humans to give birth to some offspring who had human blood and appearance but inherited the abilities of the alien beasts.
/These descendants are the witch clan. Most of the unknown and extremely powerful figures in myths and legends are from this witch clan, such as the many heroes who assisted the Yellow Emperor.
The existence of the Witch Clan allowed human beings to finally gain some capital for survival in an era when alien beasts were rampant. The powerful Witch Clan could directly confront the top experts among the alien beasts, without falling behind or even defeating them.
“Do you still remember the key reason why your uncle and late husband came to power?” Liu Changan raised the Shangguan Dandan he was holding horizontally and put it on the ground.
/This is a strange-looking action process, but in fact it is very natural, because in order to show that she is professional in playing the role of a little zombie, Shangguan Dandan kept her body stiff and held it in her hand like a dried salted fish. Convenient, unlike live fish that are soft, slippery and difficult to handle.
After Shangguan Dandan landed on the ground, he put down his hands and jumped a few times to the side of her thermos. Then he said: “It’s caused by witchcraft. I suspect you are responsible for it, but I have no evidence. Xiaotang said that she was not sure about this paragraph. I have researched the history of the Eastern Han Dynasty and am planning to write the script myself and make a movie or series in the future.”
“Has she done some research on this period of Eastern Han Dynasty history? She should first figure out the difference between the Western Han Dynasty and the Eastern Han Dynasty, which one comes first and which one comes later.” Liu Changan’s voice rose unconsciously. She also wrote the script herself?
Liu Changan was just about to say that if Zhu Juntang acted as the screenwriter, the plot would definitely not be able to reach the extreme. But considering that Zhu Juntang wrote it, no matter how unbelievable it was, could it be that some real-life screenwriter wrote that Huo Qubing knelt down to the Huns for a foreign woman, which was ridiculous?
Huo Qubing was Shangguan Dandan’s eldest grandfather. I think Zhu Juntang would have restrained himself when making up things, so he wouldn’t be so stupid.
“Children are playing, why should they be angry?” Shangguan Dandan said nonchalantly. Zhu Juntang’s mischief was exactly what made her cute, and the Queen Mother liked it very much.
“What I want to say is that the Wu Clan was actually involved in the witchcraft disaster, but at that time, the special bloodline of their ancestors had become thinner. The corpse soldiers and generals who shocked Liu Che were the Wu Clan. The last glory.” Liu Changan said with a littl