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orld could not let her do whatever she wanted. She obviously had a fairy like herself who should have her dreams come true, but Liu Changan appeared to hinder her like this. The big devil who controls everything.

“What soft power, hard power?” Yan Qingcheng didn’t think wrongly.
/“Soft power, for example, I have a lot of resources. I can spread rumors and cause trouble, slander Liu Changan, destroy his image, sow discord between him and his women, create turmoil in his harem, and even When I’m in a peaceful mood, it’s okay to ride on his neck and dominate him. This is my soft power, but in fact it’s useless strength.” Zhu Juntang finally sighed.
Yan Qingcheng didn’t understand why she still wanted to imitate the sheep’s meowing, but he was somewhat interested in her topic. He flipped through the textbook and listened to Zhu Juntang continue to talk.
“Liu Changan’s hard power is that he can ignore the things I do, because in fact, can what I do really overthrow his tyranny? It is just disgusting him. Once there is a real war between me and him, these soft power He can’t protect me, and he can’t deal with him, so I will be made into kebabs or mutton stew by him.” Zhu Juntang said depressedly.
Yan Qingcheng wanted to laugh a little. In fact, every time she saw Zhu Juntang crying and being punished by Liu Changan, she felt helpless and found it quite funny.
“Soft power and hard power actually complement each other, just like the relationship between countries. When it is not convenient to use hard power directly, soft power can achieve some goals, but this is based on hard power. When your hard power When your strength is no longer enough, soft power is soft after all and cannot be hardened. When you use soft power to do anything, others are likely to use hard power to directly crush your hard work.” Zhu Juntang finished. He stood up and said with some humor, “Just like people on the Internet are angry, irritated and even anxious about Europe and the United States controlling public opinion. In fact, there is no need, because it is just soft power. There is not enough hard power. It is nothing. Let me go and see Latest think tank report”
/Zhu Juntang left the study as he spoke. Yan Qingcheng sat there in a trance, thinking about what Zhu Juntang said. Yan Qingcheng was born in a rural area, and his knowledge and knowledge in many aspects are certainly not as good as those of Zhu Juntang. Outside of daily study, Zhu Juntang often makes Yan Qingcheng feel refreshed.
After a while, Yan Qingcheng looked at the empty desk and chair in front of her, and then she came to her senses. Zhu Juntang actually took the opportunity to skip class again!
Yan Qingcheng took out her mobile phone and was about to call Zhu Juntang when she saw Zhong Qing walking back with Zhu Juntang who seemed to be about to roll on the ground at any time.
“Why are Assistant Zhong here?” Yan Qingcheng stood up and greeted Zhong Qing with a smile. She didn’t have much contact with Zhong Qing. In the past, she only had to make sure with Zhong Qing wh