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e to educate her with spankings, but if she did it, don’t be too violent, spank her butt, and give her a slap that won’t cause a concussion. There’s actually nothing wrong with that. She’ll calm down. If she still cries, just walk away and let her calm down.

Public accounts that educate men and women on how to deal with relationships always like to preach about not being cold-violent to a woman. Sometimes she has to cool down before she can reflect on herself. Many women just refuse to eat and drink as a penalty.
/Of course, if you are not suitable for teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, then you should not do it to avoid regrets later.
“How are you going to hit me?” An Nuan was not afraid, and she would not make Liu Changan unconscious with anger.
“Hit you with a wet willow branch soaked in water.” Liu Changan also has rich experience in beating people. Generally speaking, hitting people with water-soaked willow sticks and salt-soaked bamboo sticks is more painful.
You actually want to hit someone!
So An Nuan hurriedly ran out of the kitchen. She ran to Liu Yuewang and realized, how could she complain to her mother about the fight between herself and Liu Changan? So he ran into the kitchen again, beating and biting people.
It was so annoying that Liu Changan simply washed his hands, turned around and put his arms around her to stop her from making trouble.
Liu Yuewang originally heard An Nuan’s noises in the kitchen, but suddenly it became quiet. Liu Yuewang quickly returned to the living room, turned on the TV, and turned the volume up.
Then the sound of various cooking utensils, bowls and chopsticks clashing together resumed in the kitchen, and An Nuan deliberately said something loud and clear, as if she was just chatting with Liu Changan about the weather forecast and traffic conditions.
“You bully me.” After An Nuan talked about the weather forecast and traffic conditions for a while, her voice became softer. Her eyes were filled with water. She said she was being bullied, but the blush on her cheeks and the charm of the girl between her eyebrows made it clear that she was being bullied. Bullied?
“Before, you always claimed that you were the only one who bullied me. Now things have changed. You have to know that before we fall in love, girls usually bully boys. After we fall in love, it’s the other way around. It’s me who bullies you. .” Liu Changan looked back at the girl who was so beautiful because of her shyness and charm, “Just accept your fate.”
“I know.” An Nuan hugged Liu Changan from behind, rubbing her cheek against his back and nodding.
After the wild boar was blanched and marinated, Liu Changan added peppercorns, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon and dried chili peppers to the pot, poured water and boiled it with the ginger slices. When it boiled, poured it into a casserole, then put the wild boar in and turned it on over high heat. After boiling and simmering over low heat, I fried two side dishes for lunch, giving the mother and daughter a full meal.
Although An Nuan said