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nd robot no longer followed Liu Changan. The person standing in the corridor outside the elevator exit to greet Liu Changan and Shangguan Dandan was already Su Nanxiu.

“Why did you bring her here?” Su Nanxiu’s pretty body took two steps back, her skirt swaying, and her shadow on the ground was like a flowing lake.
Every time he suddenly meets this beautiful girl at close range, it takes some time for Su Nanxiu to adapt to the sense of oppression she brings.
Even though she was lying on Liu Changan’s back and seemed to be asleep.
“Sometimes when adults go out, children always want to follow.” Liu Changan put Shangguan Dandan down.
Shangguan Dandan’s feet stomped on the ground, and Liu Changan helped her wake up.
Shangguan Dandan’s eyelashes trembled, he raised his hand to wipe his eyes in a daze, then raised his hand and closed his eyes to crawl on Liu Changan.
“We’re here,” Liu Changan said.
/Only then did Shangguan Dantan try to open his eyes, and saw Sun Nanxiu in front of him, and said hello sleepily: “O bitch!”
“What did you call me?” Although Shangguan Dandan’s breath was oppressive, Su Nanxiu was not a timid and timid character, so she couldn’t help but glare at Shangguan Dandan.
“How dare you point at my mother-in-law!” Shangguan Dandan regained consciousness and glared at Su Nanxiu majestically.
Liu Changan patted Shangguan Dandan’s face to signal her to wake up more, and then said to Su Nanxiu, “Where is Qin Yanan?”
Su Nanxiu resisted the urge to argue with Shangguan Dandan, pointed forward, and motioned for Liu Changan to follow.
“Why do you say she is pregnant? As far as I know, she does not have a boyfriend, let alone a secret lover.” Even in Su Nanxiu’s mysterious base, there are technological levels everywhere that cannot be inferred by common sense. But Liu Changan also had to use common sense to consider the problem. After all, Qin Yanan’s physiological indicators that were different from ordinary people belonged to evolution rather than degeneration.
The more complex the creature, the more complicated the reproduction process. Qin Yanan is not a spore plant, let alone a slime mold. Can she still reproduce by herself?
There are indeed people in this world who have two sets of male and female reproductive organs, but I have never heard of such people being able to get pregnant by themselves. What’s more, Qin Yanan is not like this, she is a normal woman.
Su Nanxiu just looked at Liu Changan. It seemed that he had great confidence in Qin Yanan and thought that it was impossible for Qin Yanan to go behind his back to find another man.
Is this the mentality a simple brother should have?
The things that happened back then finally affected his mentality. After all, men are extremely possessive creatures.
Even if you can’t get it, or even if you don’t want it, it’s best if others don’t get it either.
That’s it.
“What if Qin Yanan has a secret lover or boyfriend?” Su Nanxiu asked.
“This is probably a very complicated thing, and it may be a bit uncomfortable, but if the two are mutuall