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about was all nonsense to Chu Weiyang.

In the past, he disassembled and assembled Zhong Chaoyuan’s true soul. It was originally in this way, and he had a method of controlling Yin spirits that was completely different from the rest of the world. What’s more, when he further refined the Yin spirits, all he used was Zhong Chaoyuan. This is a superb and exquisite method passed down from the Lihen Palace.
Chu Weiyang will never forget why he was able to grasp the details of Thunder Taoism so quickly in the first place.
Use falsehood to seek truth, observe all dharmas, and seek truth from your own body.
Xuanzhen Baojian is the pass and key point of this road!
Seizing the empty reputation and actual gains, they were all captured by Chu Weiyang.
Immediately afterwards, Chu Weiyang smiled and chatted briefly with Qi Feiqiong for a few more words, and then slowly walked to the door again. For the sake of her bringing the treasure, he politely sent Qi Feiqiong out again. patio.
When he turned around and returned to the courtyard and stood still, Chu Weiyang took out three treasures one after another with great excitement. He kept looking at the treasures and the elixir itself, and looked at them again and again. Diandian and the plan for his cultivation progress that he had conceived in his mind confirmed each other.
/Over time, the soul sounds of Chun Yuzhi and Zhong Chaoyuan will be transmitted into Chu Weiyang’s mind through the restrictions of the magic weapon, communicating with him the details that need to be changed inside.
At this time, the night was getting darker and darker.
In the middle of the sky, the moon shines through the cave.
Suddenly, another light knock on the door sounded.
In fact, Chu Weiyang had already anticipated who was knocking on the door as early as when Chu Weiyang expressed his surprise.
Opening the door and looking at Yun Han, who was standing quietly on the spot, Chu Weiyang looked over her shoulder at the narrow bluestone road behind her.
Under the dark night sky, the lush jungle around him became more and more shadowy, but Chu Weiyang could no longer see any figures.
Only one person came.
Looking at it like this and thinking again, Chu Weiyang was stunned for a moment.
So, standing in front of the door, watching Chu Weiyang open the door, and then standing there without moving away, Yunhan pursed her lips, as if she was using such subtle movements to express her dissatisfaction. .
Then, the ethereal and melodious voice sounded.
“Just now, Pindao saw with his own eyes that fellow Daoist Qi from the Huanghua Sect came to visit and then left again.”
What I really want to say is beyond words.
What she clearly wanted to ask Chu Weiyang was, why can others come but I can’t? Why can others enter the courtyard but I cannot?
Hearing this, Chu Weiyang burst into laughter.
He didn’t think deeply about it anymore, he just moved his steps, turned sideways, and let Yun Han into the courtyard.
After taking another look and seeing the vast silence in the darkness, Chu Weiyang c