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d together in one place, turning into the sound of constant unity in the boundless fantasy world.

And under the sound of such a sound, the night was torn apart, and the countless moonlight disappeared.
In front of the face of the Taoist holding a lamp, there are billions of living beings showing their various appearances in the world of mortals. Behind the Taoist, there are stars all over the mountains and plains, as if they are reflected in the sea of ??ancient stars. At this moment, the lights of thousands of families are better than the moon in the sky. magnificent.
But it is also in this process.
/Chu Weiyang seemed to have seen thousands of specious scenes and different appearances in the human world in an instant. At the request of the Taoist, he turned around and returned to the hall, or took out the fire folder and “borrowed the fire” “Give” the lamp in the man’s hand.
When you first see it, it is the most common fireworks in the world.
But when I look at it more carefully, one after another the fireworks are “lent” to the lamp that is actually lighting the big flame seedlings from beginning to end. In the process of being blind to the world, these fireworks merge one after another, and gradually, in the ordinary world, , there is a completely extraordinary aura revealed.
That is the light of thousands of families, the true light of thousands of families at the level of Tao and Dharma.
And it was precisely because of this beam of flame in the bronze lamp in the Taoist’s hand that in an instant, the dim and swaying scene of thousands of lights behind him soared into the sky with the flame of the lamp, fueled by the aura of the world of mortals. Firewood burns to make the sky bright, and burns to make the moon dim.
But this flashing moment seemed to be due to the successive breaking of the night and moonlight.
When he looked again, the scene in the boundless fantasy world was completely different again. The scene of thousands of lights and red dust that he had just seen disappeared in this moment.
The Taoist still stood there quietly, and the flame of the lamp in his hand became fainter and dimmer. However, from beginning to end, it was the light of thousands of families, and it was the eternal Taoist fire in the world of mortals!
And no matter how dim it is, under the piercing light of this ray of lamp flame, in an instant, the radiance of Taoism still tears apart all the illusions originally illuminated under the night and moonlight.
The group of living beings standing in front of the Taoist, no matter men, women, old or young, no matter happiness, anger, sorrow or joy, their expressions and faces, under the light of that lamp, all looked very strange, cold and evil.
When he looked carefully, even the illusion of his figure was gone. The person standing in front of the Taoist was actually a monk, a Taoist, a wizard, a widow, a demon boy, a mountain charm, a spirit, and a skull.
Behind the Taoist, tombs stood on the rolling hills. Along with the steaming of the faint flames, wisps of green and bl