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calmness, as if he had not yet transcended, but had achieved transcendence.

Who is the monk who is firmly on the path to transcendence?
In an instant, a golden and black magic umbrella hung in the air.
/That is the charm of heaven and earth.
Sumeru in the left hand and Kanyu in the right hand.
Between the two phases, the body and the universe and light of heaven and earth are one and the same.
It is precisely because of this that the dome of the cultivation realm between heaven and earth is still falling continuously.
However, it is not easy for the heaven and earth to remain stable, but the overlap of the Sumeru Barrier has not completely eliminated all phenomena in the world.
“Junior brother, this poor Taoist is the real person in the divine realm.”
This ancient Jade Capital Qionglin Alliance Book and the Nine Heavens Rank Map have been shining in the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian for an unknown amount of time, but now when I touch it with my hands, it is so warm, cool and moist.
“Since senior brother is already a real person in the realm of gods, let’s put his name on him first.”
“Promoting the teachings throughout the world and carrying the great master Fanmiao”
These real people’s names and taboos, just like the names and taboos in the sutras, were all given naturally by the “Jade Book” as it penetrates the universe and time.
These four words have more than just grand meanings.
In the future, the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian will really be connected with the realm of Yuping in the Shangqing Dynasty. After this realm is merged into one realm and becomes the base camp of the ancient monks, this realm will be like this, with vast mountains and rivers, and billions of living beings. You need to change from the Hunmen method to the Open Heaven method.
In the process of this gradual change, Chu Weiyang has already written the “Blood Flower Sutra” that saves the lives of hundreds of millions of people.
But someone is needed, like Zen Master Yuehua in the past, to sit in the five realms, spread the teachings widely, and sow the righteous Dharma.
This is the beautiful vision and expectation of spreading the religion throughout the world.
Probably because of this, the person who follows these four characters is Chengyun Fanmiao.
So Chu Weiyang smiled.
“Congratulations, senior brother, congratulations to senior brother! What a great opportunity! But since we are already Master Chengyun Fanmiao, there are some things that must be done by senior brother Chengyun Fanmiao at this time.
The gate of heaven falls, there is almost no room left for the divine realm to survive, and the world shrinks. At this time, the rumbling vibrations not only originate from the mountains and fields, from the power of Sumeru, but also from the barrier of the great world itself, from outside the sky !
/The realm of the Nine Chambers of the Precious Immortal breaks free from the barriers of hardship, follows the turbulent currents of the ancient road of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths, and vibrates straight dow