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onishment and surprise.

In Chu Weiyang’s gaze, it was not only the majestic and majestic outline of the great world, but also the boundless vastness that carried the boundless world-destroying celestial phenomena. It was enough to encompass all the four great worlds of the old world. The boundless volume within it.
That seemed to be the ultimate concept of heaven, earth, universe, and universe that Chu Weiyang could understand.
/And under such a majestic world, this unprotected world is full of turbid evil and all kinds of yin, and is full of strange and evil things. It is no longer clear whether it can still be regarded as the majestic world of the world.” Under the “big ball” is an ancient boat that is equally ancient and majestic beyond Chu Weiyang’s imagination.
The upper part of the ancient boat, such as the deck, had been completely covered and submerged by the big ball, and seemed to be stuck together under the blessing of the power of time and Xumi.
The lower part of the ancient boat has been “hitting the rocks” one after another on the primitive and wild mineral veins on the seabed. When you look at it, most of the decayed cabin has been broken into broken wooden boards and thrown to the ground. In all directions on the seabed.
Similarly, Chu Weiyang could also see that in the primitive and wild mineral veins that were also broken, there were dots of colorful lights formed by the crazy gathering of the spiritual essence of the troubled world.
But that is not some subtle and beautiful embellishment.
That is the Yuan embryo of the Jade Fruit of Divine Power, a Yuan embryo brewed over the years from the pure essence that has never been contaminated by the charm of the unique Divine Power Jade Fruit.
And this scene also clearly told Chu Weiyang what kind of world he was standing in.
This is a primitive, wild and dangerous sea frontier, but at the same time, it is also a treasure land that has never been cultivated and is truly full of time and creation!
But when faced with those Yuan embryos of magical jade fruits, Chu Weiyang did not pick them recklessly.
/Once the Yuan embryo is tainted with the charm of this method, it must put words on it and condense the existing magical power scriptures into another magical jade fruit that he cannot use. For Chu Weiyang, it is very easy It’s hard to really call it a gain.
On the contrary, if such a magical jade fruit is still hanging there and wandering in the chaotic world of nature, it can continue to exist forever.
So, after just a quick glance, Chu Weiyang returned his gaze to the “big ball” and the “struck” ancient boat.
In fact, there is no need for Chu Weiyang to guess.
The moment he really got closer, Chu Weiyang could already feel the clear and clear aura of Taoism and Dharma on it.
Baijie Yunfang!
Moreover, through the texture and traces of the fractured material, Chu Weiyang has also identified the supreme refined material that the Taoist priest had seen before. It was a gift given to Shi Yuting by the old owner of Baihua Building in the past. ,