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a teleportation formation just now?” Lu Bei took a few steps back and failed to jump repeatedly in the water curtain.

“should be.”
She Yan frowned and put away the luminous beads, his golden snake eyes flashed with strange colors, sniffing the undetectable smell in the air, and led Lu Bei to walk quickly to the right.
Without the luminous beads for illumination, the phosphate rock fragments on the cave walls glowed little by little, giving people the feeling of looking up at the stars even though they were underground.
She Zhang didn’t know what Lu Bei was thinking, so he subconsciously put his hand on her shoulder when he was blind in the dark.
“Aunt Snake, you are an old tomb robber. Analyze what is going on in this mine.”
/Lu Beiqi said: “There is a mine outside the teleportation array. It can be said that it was done by local gangs seeking money. The array is already on the edge of the tomb. Why are there still obvious signs of excavation?”
“Maybe it was a hole made by a robber, or maybe it was dug by someone who was buried with him.”
She Zhang gave two answers that she didn’t quite believe, and then fell silent. Ever since she learned that she had been plotted by Commander Wang and became one of the five keys to the door, she had a vague feeling of ominous premonition.
Since Commander Wang was able to confirm her demon cultivator bloodline, he could naturally find out her true identity. She was lonely wearing the human skin mask and was in a terrible mood.
Lu Bei was about to say something when suddenly there was flowing air coming from the front, and along with the humid air came several shrill screams.
Lu Bei did not hesitate, held the knife in his hand, and followed She Zhang to quickly search for the source of the sound.
The light and shadow are blurred, and a huge space that has been dormant underground for many years comes into view.
At a height of 100 meters, under the blue Qionghai hood, the water waves were rolling under the current. The light passed through it, and a few swimming fish could be vaguely seen. Looking at the body shape, the size of each one was amazing. Without exception, Lin Yu was ecstatic. level of water monster.
Under the blue sky, the square ground is covered with neat stone slabs, with one hundred and eight stone pillars distributed in an array. A pyramid-shaped building is in the center, and there are four ditches connected to the border moat, dividing the entire underground area. into four pieces.
“The sky is round and the earth is round, guarded by four spirits, dotted with stars, and filled with spiritual veins.”
/Lu Bei was dumbfounded and tightened his hand on She Zhang’s shoulder: “For such a large-scale mausoleum, I believe it is the tomb of Emperor Qingqian. Did we open the wrong teleportation array?”
She Yan also looked at the pyramid building that looked like a giant beast in surprise. Her shoulders ached and she woke up. She frowned and slapped Lu Bei’s claws away.
“Be gentle, don’t you know how strong you are?”
“You know, try it and see if you’re dream