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d of charm being penetrated one after another.

Visible to the naked eye, the remaining mental state of these people’s expressions and faces disappeared little by little in an instant. Something close to pure animal appearance and primitive wild rage and hunting thoughts were in their charm. are revealed one after another.
It has to be said that in order to offend the monks from the two realms and ensure that the lives of all the monks from the nine realms of the Treasure Immortal are buried here, it can be said that the strange monk who is suspected to be the successor of the Panwang Sect’s lineage is really It was a lot of effort and effort that left too many methods behind.
In fact, between the lightning and stone fire that illuminated Chu Weiyang’s figure, the mysterious situation he was standing in no longer required such “help”, but no matter what, the strange and evil blood light finally appeared. It still helped Chu Weiyang a lot.
The moment the powerful magic power poured out, an unimaginable black and yellow Qi storm appeared in the dim and turbid current. In an instant, it swallowed up the slightly barbaric and sluggish figures of the dozen or so people. Included in it!
Thunder roared and blood rained!
And among such continuous qi movement, it means that in Chu Weiyang’s crazy shaman war dance that is also full of wildness, and in the waving of the black and yellow iron rod accompanied by the sound of dragon roar, , one after another, the monks who had refined the strange and evil divine essence were killed by Chu Weiyang one after another!
Except for the evil monk, Chu Weiyang, who has mastered magical powers of multiple magnitudes, has almost no enemies here!
And it was precisely along with this continuous blood rain that the blood stream was revealed one after another in the black and yellow storm almost where Chu Weiyang stood.
However, before the blood and light intertwined and resonated with each other due to the Taoism coming from the same source, there was a more prosperous change. All the essence of Qi, blood and Taoism melted into the black and yellow two in an instant. In the storm of color.
The prosperity of the Five Aggregates and Taiyin magic power, in this moment, taught Chu Weiyang, who was stationed in the enlightenment state, to almost easily push the Taoist’s cultivation Qi towards a more advanced level with the four orifices opened. go.
/Even this process is not contrary to Chu Weiyang’s original intention of strengthening his own foundation.
“The Heaven and Earth of the Dharma” has transformed into the practice of magical power. All the thoughts related to refining Qi, refining the law, and convincing Qi, etc. are all melted in one furnace. This Sutra of Supernatural Power itself is Chu Weiyang’s culmination of this Tao! All the fields that Chu Weiyang thought about, took into consideration, and entered into are all reflected in this chapter of the Divine Power Sutra!
In an instant, what suddenly surged was Chu Weiyang’s already towering figure like a mountain, and th