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d, and the end of this framework and context may be the heroic figure of Qi Feiqiong in that flash. So cool.

All the cultivators here are the four or five people who stand at the top of the same sect. I dare not say that they are unparalleled monsters, but at least they are the geniuses among the geniuses in the sect.
They may revere heaven and earth, revere nature, and revere Taoism.
But he will not despise his talents and heritage because of it.
That is all the support and foundation for them to stay in various fields and constantly climb to higher peaks on the path of spiritual practice.
/Only by using this self-confidence to shine with talent and foundation is the reason why they can become Tianjiao monks!
/Because of this, under the guidance of the young scholar, they decisively immersed themselves in the practice of physical training.
Since the mountains don’t come, I will go to them, then I will go to the mountains!
Since the true transmission of the new way cannot be heard for a while, then follow the hazy framework and context of what you have seen, and explore in that direction first.
In such a process, victory or defeat, and even the strength of one’s own Qi and blood, have become insignificant matters. Whether it can be elaborated and extended within the framework and context has become a later issue. The most important thing in the series of battles.
And precisely because of this, the intensity of the fight was unanimously directed to the lowest level. In the eyes of many people, this was clearly a mutual discussion and confirmation of the way of body training, but it was actually a matter of teaching young scholars and all the great masters. The Taoist disciples transformed into acting.
What’s more, it’s not because the training of body training itself requires a certain degree of intensity. The cultivators watching the ceremony from the side even felt that the fighting between them was very likely to turn into a literary fight. .
In fact, even if there was no true teaching to teach them, in the process of successive performances of such talented monks, their rich background and Gao Zhuo’s talents collided one after another, and everyone was immersed in the interpretation of Taoism. In such a long-term virtuous cycle, at least it will teach those who practice physical training to have a deeper understanding.
Similarly, the Hunyuan Method of the young scholar was also verified by more monks through such a process, and they were able to see some hazy outlines from the layers of mist and haze.
This is what the great Taoists teach, but for the young scholar, Xu Shi is really immersed in the interpretation of Taoism, teaching him to temporarily abandon the influence of the Tao that confuses the mind. In such a long process of confirmation, , the young scholar also made some progress and gains.
Even because he has always been the “champion” in acting and fighting, when it comes down to it, the young scholar may be the one who has made the most progress and gains.
Although the true path has stil