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them, Lu Bei shrugged: “Let them register with Hu He before leaving. It’s OK to leave, but as long as they leave Sanqing Peak, they will have no chance of being with the Yuhua Sect in the future.”

If a player has breasts, he is a mother. If he has enough experience and management, he will not even bat an eyelid if he betrays his master and stabs his boss twice.
There is basically no moral integrity at all.
As a former player, Lu Bei knew this very well, so his attitude towards players was very simple. He threw them away after they were used, and replaced one crop with another. He never thought about cultivating someone.
At least among the thirty outer disciples, he had no intention of training anyone.
One side is ruthless and the other is unintentional. When both sides come together, it is easy to get together and disperse without any problems.
Speaking of which, Lu Bei does have the idea of ??cultivating a certain player.
If nothing else, after the official launch of the server, the Kyushu World Club will usher in its first qualifying competition. If a disciple from the Yuhua Sect can become famous instantly and get a good ranking on the rankings, it will definitely bring him a lot of success. The new leek who works hard and doesn’t complain.
/These are all things for later. When he meets the right player, he will try his best to trick the other player into a trap. Right now
There are already outer disciples who have broken through the clay figurine formation and completed Hu He’s task of ‘finding the lost bag of heaven and earth’. They have experience in breaking through the levels, and will be rewarded with experience after completing the task. The popularity is currently high.
/She just has a bit of a weak IQ. In order to complete the task of being the leader, Hu He dropped the Qiankun bag eight times a day. She looked stupid, as if she could cheat eight times a night.
In addition to the clay figurine formation, there are three formations of grass figurines, wooden figurines, and stone figurines in the underground palace, which can fully satisfy the desires of novice players. This is also the reason why the Feather Gate did not empty out overnight.
The conditions of the small mountain gate are average, and they are not as wealthy as the big gate sects. They are better in terms of benefits and the benefits are visible to the naked eye. They all think that the experience of refining alchemy and breaking through the levels is too good, and it is not too late to leave after finishing it.
Anyway, the status of an outer disciple will not bind the master-disciple relationship. As the level goes up, there is no delay in finding another good teacher and friend.
“I really let you all run away. Who can give me the experience of Dasheng Pass? Just stay and make elixirs!”
That night, Lu Bei used the ‘Jianzhang of the Formation’ as the basis and the skill ‘Five Elements Wheel’ as the supplement. The basis of the Five Elements of the Way was to expand the underground palace. Following the first four formations, he