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lmed down.

He did not even continue to pass on his disgust for the people of the Five Elements Sect to the people in front of him.
Similarly, Liu Xuanfu lived up to Chu Weiyang’s earlier evaluation. He was really the less crazy one among the hypocritical disciples of the Five Elements Sect.
At this time, the two ends of the altar were standing opposite each other. Although Liu Xuanfu’s eyes showed clear hostility, he did not become crazy because of it. In those clear eyes, one could see that Liu Xuanfu was actually The calmness and sanity of existence.
If everyone in the Five Elements Sect was like this, maybe this line of work wouldn’t have so many twists and turns.
Maybe everything is about to end after this game. Even though the Dao Tu Cave is shining with bright light, it still cannot contain Chu Weiyang’s constant reverie and emotion.
/Just for a moment when he thought of this, Chu Weiyang integrated this emotion into his own strange aura, melted it into the increasingly steaming momentum, and while pressing towards Liu Xuanfu, he held the apricot yellow in his hand. The flags swayed, and a flash of spiritual light flew out, then turned into seal patterns and spread, overlapping to form a continuous and vast talisman array.
Even though Chu Weiyang has maintained 30% of the improvement for a long time, the effect of the Talisman Array itself, which has been verified and refined, has increasingly changed clearly with the improvement and harvest.
At least when looking at it at this moment, among the original nine stacks of talisman formations, it is difficult to see the clear changes between each talisman formation and the overlap of the talisman formations.
In the past, Chu Weiyang used the Nine-Yuan Red Script to run the talisman array throughout, but when the Nine-Yuan Red Script itself was refined in the flagpole, and after repeated cultivation, mixed into a purple-gold color, it seemed to have the same color. The hazy meaning runs through the nine-yuan red text that supports the nine-fold talisman formation.
It has form and appearance.
Formless and formless.
When the boundaries between the overlapping talismans begin to blur, the clear manifestation of Tao and Dharma begins to become ambiguous.
This is the silent interweaving and resonance between Tao and Dharma, which means that the evolution and derivation between each other has spread to similar Tao. Furthermore, such derivation and evolution are mutual, and the more the talisman formations are taught, The ties are tighter.
In the process of fusion, it is harmonious and flawless, and at the same time it is tight and firm. Perhaps even the resurrected dragon, who is the blood descendant of the Dragon King, can no longer support the blood-colored mist magic array, and the originally overlapping talisman formations can no longer be supported. Open a gap!
Strictly speaking, this is the progress of transformation and sublimation from the nine elements to becoming one, and laying out the results on a talisman array!
At this moment, facing the flash