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promote this turmoil.

When he deliberately exposed the true contradiction in front of the cultivators, the storm itself became unstoppable.
Now, all Chu Weiyang has to do is to follow the other cultivators and “go with the flow” in this turmoil.
/Just like Liu Xuanfu had to retreat into seclusion, Chu Weiyang also had to fall deeply into a tense emotion along with other cultivators, and behave in a “gregarious” manner to “be in harmony with the light.”
And until now, in the courtyard next door where the cultivators of the Chengqian lineage are, there are still sobbing and sad cries coming out. The voice itself may be a bit sharper, and it is probably the only female monk of the Chengqian lineage in this trip. In such a situation, the Taoist heart is broken, and it is difficult to remain calm.
But in the same place, Chu Weiyang listened to such sharp sobbing sounds for a long time, but he only felt bored.
With a wave of his hand, the forbidden chain in the courtyard was revealed. Chu Weiyang thought for a moment, and knocked down several seals in succession. Suddenly, the spiritual light on them kept spinning around, and suddenly the sounds inside and outside were also All isolated.
Peace finally came.
Only then did Chu Weiyang pull away his majestic thoughts and thoughts from this chaotic and disturbing situation.
He slowly walked into the quiet room, and with a wave of his hand, the extremely numerous Langhuan seal patterns were revealed again. In just one breath, among the forbidden seal patterns in the courtyard, they were again reflected on the four walls of the quiet room. The Feng Shui Kanyu Dharma Formation was imprinted on it.
After ensuring that the Qi machine was locked tightly, Chu Weiyang turned his hand again.
/At the same time that the Xuanzhen treasure mirror was illuminated, Chu Weiyang lifted up the ebony wood talisman. When the treasure light hole shone, a series of yin and ghost seal patterns appeared, intertwining in the sky. They formed chains and penetrated the ebony wood talisman.
The true spirit of the soul belonging to the Taoist lineage of Chengqian was revealed and imprisoned by Baojian. Then, the soul itself was dismantled. At the same time, the Tongyou Talisman array was revealed, and a new tadpole text was opened up that was both virtual and real. Palace of Yin and Underworld.
Then, that little bit of true spirit submerged into it and manifested into a Yin spirit. At the same time, the foundation of the sword began to spread inside.
During the day, Lu Beihai’s two life-and-death battles not only gave Chu Weiyang a lot of inspiration, but also taught Chu Weiyang to observe clearly at close range the differences in talents and emotions between people. .
Chu Weiyang understood that with the help of the fusion of his sword seal and the meaning of natural life and death, he could understand a lot from Lu Beihai, but it seemed extremely difficult for Chu Weiyang to replicate Lu Beihai’s achievements in this way. extremely difficult.
After all, this is the gap in true swordsmansh