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opponent. How the Qi mechanism changes, and then responds to it with harmonious changes.

Not to mention, in addition to such a perfect and perfect attack with thunder spells, Chu Weiyang also has body-building techniques such as “Thunder Sea Body Washing Sutra” to support the majestic mysterious thunder and blood. Flame, and the sharp cold light of the ring-headed sword!
/In fact, in this fight, the man was defeated hastily without forcing Chu Weiyang into a close fight.
The ferocious demonic thoughts activated the continuous spells. At the moment when the evil aura of the White Bones was broken, three Dharma bodies were seen flying out. Immediately afterwards, a red light suddenly appeared in the place, and the White Bone Temple Taoist Master was also wrapped in it. His true body suddenly appeared outside the jade altar.
At this time, Bai Gu Guan Daozi looked at Chu Weiyang with an expression full of surprise.
In this month, he also made some progress, such as the extra Dharma body.
Since the three talents have transformed into four images, Chu Weiyang can clearly feel that when the Dharma body matches the real body of Baigu Guan Daozi, the four figures are moving around in the form of formation eyes, whirling and changing on the Dharma altar. At that time, there was a certain meaning lingering on it that made Chu Weiyang very sensitive and familiar.
That is the meaning of the changing seasons!
/In Chu Weiyang’s Tao and Dharma, he once used twenty-four sword intentions to completely reveal the harmony of the changing seasons.
In the case of Baigu Guan Daozi, this is to explain the meaning of the erosion of time through the changes of the four seasons, thereby refining the appearance of bones and skulls!
In the early days, spiritual changes could only be seen between heaven, earth and people. At this time, Baigu Guan Daozi has made great progress. Even such progress, in Chu Weiyang’s eyes, can be said to be the best among all Daoists. Rich.
But it’s a pity that Baiguguan Daozi’s progress is becoming more and more practical and real, but it is difficult to gain such a prestigious reputation in these two consecutive receptions and banquets.
Because the flow of spiritual thoughts of White Bone Temple Taoist was surpassed by Baiyundong Taoist, the changes in formation and body shape were restrained by Cexing Mountain Taoism, the evil spirit of White Bones was not as evil as the ghosts of Yinming, and together with the changes of the four seasons, life and death were also controlled by Taoism of Cexing Mountain. Chu Weiyang, who was more familiar with this method, suppressed him.
Of course, this is also the first time Taozi Bai Gu Guan has dabbled in this way, and he has not yet completely evolved the changes in the four seasons into a harmonious artistic conception.
If it really connects the changes of the four seasons with the rotation of the Dharma body, and then inherits the meaning of the supreme coldness that the years and years have eroded the bones and skulls, perhaps when we fight again in the future